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Mortgage-Refinance Foreclosure Alternatives That Can Stop Home Foreclosure Many homeowners who fall behind on their mortgage payments simply give up and walk away from their property, unaware of the serious credit, legal, and financial problems this will cause in the future. If you are behind on your payments and will soon be facing home foreclosure, it is important that you understand that foreclosure alternatives do exist and can help stop home foreclosure. This article will explore a few of these options in aid you in learning how to avoid foreclosure. Short Sale Many lenders will work with you to sell your property, even if you owe more than the property will fetch on the open market. When a lender is willing to let you sell your property for less than the outstanding balance and avoid foreclosure, this is called a short sale. Deed In Lieu While this option is more and more rare, there are still some banks that would rather have you deed the property to them than face the lengthy, costly foreclosure process. In this scenario, you agree to deed the property back to your lender to stop foreclosure proceedings that may be already pending against the property. Workout Plan Many lenders have workout plans that will allow you to catch up on late mortgage payments by paying a one-time lump sum payment and adding some extra money onto your monthly mortgage payment until you are caught up. These workout plans can last as long as two years, depending on which lender is holding the mortgage on your property, and are a much better foreclosure alternative than filing bankruptcy to avoid foreclosure. Loans for People in Foreclosure There are mortgage lenders in almost every city that can provide loans for people in foreclosure. If there is equity in the property, a foreclosure bailout loan is a valid option. Check the Internet or your local phone books for .panies that specialize in this type of loan. If approved, this can be the fastest way to stop home foreclosure. Foreclosure alternatives do exist for anyone willing to search for the necessary information. In short, it is important that you be.e student of the foreclosure process and seek sound foreclosure advice on how to avoid foreclosure. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: