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Home-Securtiy Biometric systems have replaced traditional access control systems because they provide substantially better security, which is, in fact, impregnable in most environments & settings. However, how these new systems aid in areas other than security, is still ambiguous and contentious. On the enterprise level, most time & attendance management systems still rely on smart cards that are used as stand-alone access control systems and sometimes used in conjunction with passwords/PIN. There are some serious security & cost related concerns with these traditional systems that practically forced many .panies to make the inevitable transition towards the biometric systems. One of the biggest concerns with the smart cards is of buddy punching. A .mon practice, buddy punching refers to marking someone else’s attendance using his/her smart card. This may seem as an innocuous act, but many reports have shown that .panies are losing appreciable amount of money on yearly basis due to less working hours of their employees. Another important ramification of this is negative organizational culture in the .pany which is a pressing concern for any HR department. Biometric identification (as used in fingerprint reader) relies on biometric identifiers such as fingerprints that are unique to every individual and necessitate the physical presence of the person for access and punching attendance. Manual time & attendance procedures often lead to discrepancies in the payroll data and unnecessary time and resources are wasted in rectifying those mistakes. Biometric systems are more than handful in such situations as once integrated (through SDKs) with the existing payroll modules, they can provide accurate working hours of every enrolled employ taking into account various attendance parameters such as relaxation in timings, overtime, etc. Hence, the overall efficiency of the payroll process could be effectively augmented without much effort. The major problem with smart cards is that they can be stolen, damaged and cloned which would bring both security and cost concerns for the .pany. Employees often forget their access card at home or lose it while in transit. Making new smart cards frequently incur substantial cost over a period of time and also lead to incorrect attendance at the month end. Also, someone could steal an employee’s card to gain access to a data-sensitive facility which could prove to be extremely detrimental for the .pany. Using biometric devices such as fingerprint readers or iris scanners will eliminate the occurrences of such instances and safeguard the facility against these threats. Biometric fingerprint access control door lock solutions by Bayometric provides secure authentication and identification, ideal for .anizations of various sizes. For more details please VISIT 相关的主题文章: