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hoa website Solution For Property Managers Who Find Repetition A Tiresome Time Sink Posted By: Brian Barrett Preventing Property Managers from Committing to Wasteful Time Sinks? As a full-time property manager in charge of approximately 500+ condominium units and working in an office where there are over 35 properties and 2800+ doors I know a little something about repetition. The job of the property manager is to help manage property not regurgitate information that the members of the association should already have. Here is a short list gleamed from a rather large list of reoccurring themes: Rules AND Regulations Violations Manager:"No sir / No mam you cannot, (fill in the blank here; set yard art in front yard, change color of exterior, mount the bird house on side of building, etc.), your Rules AND Regulations prohibit that." Homeowner:"Oh, well we did not know that." Manager:"Do you have a copy of the Rules AND Regulations?" Homeowner:"Well no, our (fill in the blank here; real estate agent, lawyer, seller, etc…) did not give us a copy." How much time property managers spend answering this question is unfathomable.

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