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Sales One of the most important things I learned to do to recharge my home party booking schedule over the years was to enforce a strict phone fitness program. This program was my direct sales booking diet; a diet lean in excuses and self- doubt, and dense in determination and daily leads, no matter what the circumstances. For example, if I did not have enough people to call, I put on my big girl pants and hit the streets. To sweat out your own new sales in a Booking Boot Camp, adhere to the following: My Direct Sales Home Party Phone Fitness Program: Making Monday Meaningful Make Monday Contacts Make 5 Booking calls to new potential Hosts. Start a new home party chain. If you are looking for new people to call, direct message a few of your Facebook friends and ask if you can have their phone number because you want to give them a call about something you think they might be interested in. Teaming up Tuesday Team Time. Create time to expand the Team. Contact 5 possible team members that youve personally picked to join your team. Working it Wednesday Weekday Networking / Work the Room Go to an Event to generate 5 new Leads. Thirsty Thursday- Thirst to tend to former Customers Make 5 Calls to thirsty former customers and envision them thirsty on Thursday for your service. Follow-Up Friday Make 5 follow-up calls to booking or sponsoring leads that have said something along the lines of maybe, check back. Super Saturday Send out a Super Saturday Special via email or call your customers with a Super Saturday special. Satisfied Sunday Save this day for your family. Take the day off and be satisfied that you are working your Shape Up plan. Use this weekly program as a guide to developing your own plan. By designating a different focus each day of the week, you steadily build yourself a balanced business. Remember, this does not need to take a ton of your time. Carry your Smartphone (with contacts and calendar in hand) and you can make calls throughout the day, while queuing in the school parking line, picking up a prescription or waiting outside a doctors office. Before you know it, your schedule will be in top form. By working your weekly shape-up plan, you will build your calendar, and create momentum that will carry you through the whole year. This focused, consistent contact and effort WILL give you big booking results with direct sales home parties and sales bookings. 2014 My Sales Tactics copyright original work About the Author: Barb Girson , International Direct Selling Industry expert, trainer and Registered Corporate Coach (TM), is a highly interactive, creative speaker and author offering professional skill development programs for workshops, leader retreats, annual conventions, and teleclass sales training programs. To contact Barb, sign up for her FREE Sales Strategies Ezine go to MySalesTactics.com Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Sales 相关的主题文章: