Hidden behind the first case of the dark world of the Internet information is difficult to search queer as folk

The first case of overseas network hidden behind the dark world: difficult to search information – Beijing in mid November, a number of media reports of such a message: Beijing City Public Security Bureau network security corps successfully destroyed a use of "dark group network" and other Internet media’s obscene information, arrested 8 suspects. This case has become the first case of China cracked the secret network of criminal cases abroad. In the report, but also the first mention of a word – "dark network". Beijing network security corps police told the Beijing News reporter Aman Chang, dark network is a kind of offshore secret network, also known as deep network, is a normal search engine can not be found in the network. Because it is difficult to search information, thus becoming a hotbed of crime. An important part of the dissemination of child pornography in the evening of March 13th, suddenly appeared in the home of the police, so Sun Ping (a pseudonym) was panicked. He is a native of Beijing, a sophomore in a prestigious school, and then more than half a month to go to Germany to study. Police found in his room in the mobile hard disk and computer, the capacity of the 400G is a variety of children involved in rape obscene content. On the Internet, he spread these illegal content. According to Sun Ping’s confession, by the end of 2015, a friend pulled him into a QQ group, the group spread a number of pornographic videos. Since then, he often use QQ group, Baidu SkyDrive and other dissemination of child pornography videos, and enter the secret overseas network, for information dissemination of child pornography. According to police investigators, Sun Ping’s child pornography is mainly divided into three steps. First, he got the relevant video in the QQ group. More than a dozen QQ group to join, dedicated to the dissemination of pornographic videos of children, pictures, audio, novels and other information, group members can directly download or use the Baidu SkyDrive group share the link to download in the group. In order to avoid the investigation, these groups are generally reserved for ten days. After obtaining the video and other information in the country, Sun Ping then upload the video to the overseas secret network, in order to obtain the promotion of membership levels, thereby obtaining more video. Finally, Sun Ping will be obtained from these overseas secret network video spread to QQ group. It is not difficult to see, the network has become an important part of Sun Ping’s dissemination of pornographic videos of children pornography. The police told the Beijing News reporter Aman Chang, Sun Ping where the overseas private network platform, is a hidden space platform with an administrator, only to put its own collection of video e-mail to the administrator, said they are the same people, after obtaining approval to add into the platform, to communicate and exchange video. "Through their own activity, upload pictures and videos that other people haven’t seen, administrators will improve your grades." Aman Chang introduced, when we caught Sun Ping, his grade in the site is very high, everyone can see the video uploaded." Although the technical threshold is high, but in the overseas private network, Sun Ping is not so profitable, Aman Chang told the Beijing News reporter, "he just wanted to show off their own, personal vanity, think that he can get foreign video." Lynn相关的主题文章: