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UnCategorized Parts Source is the .pany which manufactures the medical parts and equipments. It is the nation’s only multi-manufacturer, multi-modality alternative parts supplier supporting both Imaging and Biomed parts requests for hospital equipment. It is the only .pany to offer parts support for all 2,500 separate makes, models and modalities of hospital equipment and is the only .pany to aggregate these suppliers in an internally developed and patented application "PartsFinder".The best part is it is open 24/7-365 days. It also delivers time savings and reporting as well as real dollar benefits to the customers. Latest PartsSource has won Venture of Year Award in July 2010.Paul Aagaard is PartsSource Director of Manufacturing. Being a director of manufacturing he oversees and directs all manufacturing operations for an organization. He is also responsible manufacturing and production of products resulting in millions of dollars in revenues. His talent takes care of outgoing quality, safety and efficiency improvements for all manufactured operations In the world there are many non profitable higher education industries. One of them is Pacific Oaks College of Greater Los Angeles Area. Pacific Oaks College is a qualified institution offering bachelors, masters, and certificate programs in human development, counseling, and teaching credentialing. It was found 60years ago in Quaker family. It works on the illusions of Quaker principles of inclusion, social justice, and the valuing of every human being. The institution is known and recognized for its pioneering efforts to reduce unfairness within our nations education system, and for equipping graduates with the skills they need to help people from diverse backgrounds, learning styles, and strengths uncover and realize their unique individual potentials. Laila Aaen is a Pacific Oaks Colleges Co-Dir Human Development. She is also professor at Pacific Oaks College. Being Co. Director of human development she ensures the performance of management and improvement systems required in the college. She also looks after the organization development and counseling. The T F Powers Construction .pany was founded in 1893 by Thomas Powers, a bricklayer from St. Paul MN. He arrived in North Dakota after a devastating fire had destroyed most of the city of Fargo. The .pany works on a bid process. The bid market keeps the .pany .petitive, helps us maintaining high quality standards and exposes to new products and subcontractors. .peting in the bid market gives us the opportunity to acquire unique contracts. Today, more than a century later, its construction remains .mitted to the same quality work and craftsmanship that helped to rebuild the Fargo .munity all those years ago. Its Construction specializes in distinctive buildings, handling both .mercial and public projects, with recently .pleted work in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado and Nebraska. It is also an active member of both the Fargo Chamber of .merce and numerous other contracting organizations throughout the region, and is also proud to have had two past presidents of the AGC of North Dakota .e from our ranks. Mitch Aafedt is T F Construction Project Manager. He plans, directs and coordinates the procedure of construction. He also checks the budget, usually through subordinate supervisory personnel, activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of structures, facilities, and systems. His participation in the conceptual development of a construction project has helped its organization to be the best construction .pany in Fargo. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: