Heavy China, Internet Financial Association official website officially unveiled with the micro sign masa-c

Heavy China, Internet Financial Association official website and micro signal WEMONEY   officially unveiled the Phoenix News; September 8th, China Internet Financial Association website officially launched, WeChat also simultaneously launched the public association. The industry believes that Chinese Internet Financial Association website and the public, WeChat officially launched, will be conducive to further play the Association issued on the pass of bridges, to provide timely industry information service transparent for members and the entire industry, strengthen self-discipline, promote the healthy development of Internet financial industry regulation. The official website of China mutual Gold Association Chinese mutual Gold Association official micro signal Phoenix WEMONEY noted that at present the association’s official website home page is divided into 10 sections, respectively: the general situation of the association, dynamics, policies and regulations, industry standards, industry self-regulation, industry association, research, training, education, party meeting investors window. Currently, the various sections are updated in the corresponding content. It is worth mentioning that the association’s official website opened in the lower right corner of the service window, including membership management, business training, reporting platform. At present, the reporting platform is still unable to enter. At the same time, the Association announced the "Application guide" (hereinafter referred to as the "guide"). Guide clear, need to meet the conditions for membership of nearly three years without major illegal violations, and shall be in line with one of the following conditions: 1, approved the establishment of the independent legal personality of the banking financial institutions, securities companies, insurance companies, fund companies, Asset Management Co, trust and clearing institutions; 2 approved the establishment of 3; issued by the people’s Bank of Chinese’s "pay business licence" non payment of financial institutions; 4 engaged in Internet financial services institutions, meet the following conditions: the business of Internet banking platform filed in the telecommunications departments; during the operation did not appear significant operating accidents or major event of default; shareholders and management bad record and have certain financial knowledge and experience. 5 engaged in Internet financial research institutions; 6 in line with the requirements of other units. Guide shows that the association did not disclose the requirements of individual members. Prior to this understanding, individuals can apply to join the association clearly the identity of individual members. Engaged in the study of Internet financial theory and a high level of academic experts and scholars, concerned about and support the development of the Internet financial circles celebrities, can apply for admission. In order to ensure the authority of the individual members of the credibility of the premise is that it should be recommended by at least two executive director unit. China mutual Gold Association announced the application guide China Internet Finance Association is in July 2015 18 by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council agreed to by the people’s Bank, the CBRC, CSRC and other 10 ministries jointly issued the "guidance" on promoting the healthy development of Internet banking, the Central Bank jointly with the CBRC, CSRC and CIRC etc. the relevant ministries to establish the national Internet financial industry self regulatory organization. December 31, 2015, the Ministry of Civil Affairs informed the China Internet Finance Association established. In March 25th this year, the association held a meeting in Shanghai, Huangpu District and the first member of the general assembly, the mayor of Shanghai Yang Xiong and the people’s Bank of China Deputy bank.相关的主题文章: