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Hearthstone legend of "gambling" foreign gaming website open world championships Roulette – Sina hearthstone legend area to say hearthstone and gambling, Xiaobian immediately thought before a foreign game player through hearthstone gambling. And the randomness in the hearthstone is indeed a component of luck. Now the carnival world championships, domestic to engage in a Championship win card package of activities for the game player are bored. In contrast, foreign countries, but also really have a gambling site to open the world cup betting stone plate, allowing players to bet once. Hearthstone BlizzCon 2016 World Championships has been kicked off, hearthstone legend 4 gods Chinese area is the five-star red flag to New York stadium. In order to increase the game player their attention, let him become more fun, NetEase official also once again launched a quiz to send card package welfare activities. The welfare activities still looks quite large, as long as participation is guaranteed a commemorative award card package. But this time the prize is the trial of the champion card package, from the point of view is the occasion no problem, but this is two months away from the environment card package as a prize, it’s really good? Then came back, after all, just a free welfare activities, even if only 40 dust, but also the mind is love. Even if the dust is also excellent. Moreover, in case of orange? As a global vision of the hearthstone attract game player martial arts assembly, not only the official and attention are also some game player, gambling sites eyeing a well-known foreign gaming website dedicated to the hearthstone legend world championships set a series of roulette. First of all, we must make clear that gambling is wrong. And China can’t bet. But we can check out the professional roulette wheel set, perhaps on the official website of the entertainment quiz reference. In the website of the E-Sports gaming area, in addition to CS:GO and DOTA2 these two popular eSports games, hero alliance, StarCraft 2 and watch pioneer games were impressively, hearthstone legend has now become a new member of the E-Sports gaming area, from this perspective, is also one of the influential hearthstone legend reflect the way. The following is the odds given by the banker. The 27 day (26 night) 00:00 HandsomeGuy vs Cydonia 01:15 Bbgungun vs Naiman 03:00 DrHippi vs Breath 04:15 OmegaZero vs DdaHyoNi 28 (27 night) 00:00 JasonZhou vs ThijsNL 01:15 Che0nsu vs Hamster 03:00 (Hamm J Ron) Amnesiac vs Yulsic 04:15 Pavel vs HotMEOWTH set from the above bookmakers odds can be seen in China players basically not to be optimistic, but hearthstone of things, who can say for sure? Whether the Chinese Legion in the storm.相关的主题文章: