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Are the fitness buffs in your house tough on gym equipment? If so, maybe you are hesitant to invest your money into anything other than a cheaply-priced exerciser. But, if you buy a cheap machine, you may get cheap results. You have to get a durable, strongly built exercise machine that can withstand a lot of wear and tear without having to pay for too much, gym equipment maintenance and without wrecking your planned budget. Well this is the one: The Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical Trainer-an outstanding piece of fitness equipment. Overall Ranking: 4.8 of a possible 5 stars Major Aspects: The Smooth CE 7.4 has 16 resistance levels with smooth alteration from high to low. Electro Magnetic System – Such systems are normally found on commercial grade elliptical trainers. With this feature, a magnetic charge will increase or decrease the resistance. Moveable Handgrip Pulse Monitors – this allows you to monitor your heart rate and still keep a grip on the moveable handlebars. 8 pre-set programs in order that you can optimize your exercise level in a lesser amount of time. Cost: Retailed at $1499 Product Depiction: The smooth CE 7.4 is a lightweight, commercial-style elliptical which is designed for home usage. It is especially designed for multiple users and laborious use as it is very sturdily built. You get a smooth, normal motion with the heavy flywheel. Furthermore, this elliptical trainer is manufactured with rear drive instead of front drive, which means not as many moveable components; less moveable parts translates to less repairs and servicing for the user. The Smooth elliptical’s well-made Premium LED Console is simple and proficient. This elliptical offers multiple readouts with a number of different windows. Product Specifications: Footprint: 83 L x 27 W x 67 H Unit weight: 210lbs Maximum User weight: 350 lbs Stride length 21 Product Aspects: Electro Magnetic System. It conveys a magnetic charge which raises or lowers resistance. Rear Drive vs. Front Drive – Rear drive equals less moveable components–thus, less repairs and servicing. The style of the Smooth CE 7.4 is simple, and this means less maintenance. Speaker System & iPod Docking Station Built-in Fan with the breeze pointing right at your core Articulating Foot Pedals which keep in line with the elliptical motion. Your whole foot can sit all the way down on the pedal and ankle stress is lessened. Moveable Handgrip Pulse Monitors – With this, you can keep up with your heart rate and still leave your hands on the moveable pedals. Sixteen levels of resistance which enables slow instead of harsh resistance alterations Wireless heart rate control Premium LED Console – simple and functional 8 pre-set programs Warranty: Frame and Braking System-lifetime / Parts and electronics-5 yrs / In home labour-5 yrs Closing Remarks: You can more easily spend your money on fitness equipment if you know that gym equipment maintenance can be reduced to a minimum. The Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical Trainer will give you this satisfaction because it doesn’t have many moveable components to be maintained. This factor, plus the other remarkable facets render this elliptical a terrific bargain for the price. About the Author: By: Harendra Kumar Choudhary – Around the globe there are endless number of gym centers that are beautifully furnished and equipped with various kinds of fitness machines and equipments. 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