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Careers-Employment You have got a great degree, the dream of a fabulous career and the world is just waiting for you to begin. It is the most terrific feeling is it not? Seeking a job is an important decision especially, for a new graduate, which will assist them in defining their career path. To find a graduate job vacancy is quite overwhelming in todays time, with so many opportunities in the market. You have to know where to look, how to create a proper CV and the best way to attain an interview. Using the services of a recruitment consultancy, may not .e to most peoples mind, however, they have gained in importance in recent times. A graduate may find it very frustrating when he or she looks through job boards, which are invariably filled by the time they apply. After sometimes, it may even make you feel discouraged, for failing to find a graduate job vacancy. The recruiters job is also to find out the vacant posts and which of them have been filled. Or it your skill is a good match for the .panys requirements. Most recruitment consultancies have many reputed .panies as their clients, and they know the exact requirements needed to fill their graduate job vacancy. The recruitment agencies also provide a list of vacancies for graduates on their website, so that graduates can apply directly for a graduate job vacancy. By chance if you have not been called for an interview for a graduate job vacancy, the recruiter will keep your CV and covering letter to match it with other vacancies which might .e up and which matches your requirements. The consultants at recruitment agencies are trained to assess your skills and personality, so that they can find the right job for you. They will even help you create the right CV which will make it more viable in the job market. As a new graduate, you will be unable to fathom what most .panies are looking for in a new employee. A recruiter will empower your CV with their expertise. Recruit agencies are eyed with wariness as most graduates do not know what kind of jobs they will offer in a graduate job vacancy. It is important to know that most recruiters have high profile .panies as their clients and most of the time; the only way to get a job in a reputed organization is by registering with recruitment agencies. The recruiters are very strict and specific while selecting candidates for a vacant position. With their numerous networking contacts, they place graduates and other applicants in positions which are beneficial for the .pany as well as the candidates. Recruiters are very much aware of the pressure most new graduates go through while hunting for a graduate job vacancy. Their skills are naturally different from the ones of experienced applicants. So they need more contacts to help new graduates find their first job. The graduates are provided with a lot of guidance ad help from the recruiters, as they are dedicated in helping them obtain their first job. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: