Good news! Network transmission 15 f electromagnetic launch successful maiden flight of Liaoning shi darren hayes

Good news! Network transmission 15 f electromagnetic launch successful maiden flight of Liaoning ship can enjoy the f -15 electromagnetic catapult first flight, Liaoning ship, 001A was unable to enjoy the Phoenix settled since the media "Air Force world website yesterday, China annihilates 15 carrier fighter in China’s first aircraft carrier catapult test machine completed catapult. The success of "electric bomb 15" means that China has stepped into the forefront of the development of the world’s aircraft carrier technology! This is a great victory for allegedly electromagnetic catapult test site in the Chinese naval aircraft base completed. Not long ago the 15 fighter ejection type was first exposed, in surprise. The core equipment China electromagnetic aircraft launch, is a linear motor. When the utility model is energized, the magnetic field generated by the current through the coil drives the metal slider to move forward in a certain direction. Below is the China allegedly electromagnetic aircraft ejection test field why use electromagnetic catapult aircraft carrier? This is because it has many advantages: first, accelerate the uniform and controllable electromagnetic catapult. The typical C-13-1 type steam catapult, maximum overload can reach 6G, the aircraft greater harm, but the average acceleration is only 2G more, this is low. Electromagnetic launcher is to solve this problem, reduce the maximum overload it to 3G, the effective protection of the aircraft structure, reducing the impact on the pilot’s body. No matter how long the electromagnetic launch, the electromagnetic device can control the location of each adjusting ejection output, steam catapult is a short-lived business, unable to flexibly adjust. According to the letter of the payload will bear the additional electromagnetic catapult 8%~15% than steam catapult, that can catapult fighters of greater weight. This advantage is especially important for China carrier, in the next 20 to 30 years, the 15 will be the world’s largest carrier fighter, to request more than the United States aircraft catapult. Two, small size, is conducive to the overall design of aircraft electromagnetic catapult without pressure steam boiler huge and complex control pipeline, valve equipment, volume and weight is far less than the steam catapult. This is very valuable for the space of the aircraft carrier is very valuable, but also to enhance the overall strength of the aircraft carrier structure. Three, easy maintenance, low cost of electromagnetic catapult although development cost is high, but because it is less pressure, high fever, airtight water a large number of parts, maintenance should be more simple. Get rid of the electromagnetic device architecture singleconcentrated steam catapult, with scattered layout characteristics of flexible, single component can use modular design, convenient maintenance and replacement, but also significantly reduces the overall operating costs. Four, the energy conversion efficiency of the overall energy consumption is much higher than that of low electromagnetic catapult steam catapult, for example the useless heat less, less intermediate links, can accurately change the catapult energy, reduce the total energy wasted. During the movement of the slider, only the electromagnetic coils on both sides of the slider are started, and the rest of the coils are in standby state, thereby further reducing the energy consumption. China carrier transmitter electromagnetic launch test field construction diagram at present, the ongoing large-scale electromagnetic aircraft launch ground test only Chinese and america. According to the letter of Chinese electromagnetic catapult test device length of 120 to 150 meters, the effective part of track about 80 meters. So big.相关的主题文章: