German defense minister Trump was elected to the shocking consultation on NATO position

German defense minister Trump was elected to the shocking inquiry on NATO position original title: German defense minister Trump was elected to the position of NATO shocking inquiry [global network reported intern reporter Tian Ruizhe] British Reuters reported that in November 9th, the German defense minister von der Ryan (Ursula von der Leyen) 9 said the election of Trump is "very shocked". And to the position of NATO (NATO). Leyen (ARD) said that the Republican candidate, Trump’s strong performance is not to vote for themselves, but in opposition to Washington, against the ruling faction". "I was shocked when I saw the development of the election," she said when Trump won a key constituency in Florida and Ohio. Reported that Germany and other European countries, on Trump’s earlier remarks: if Russia attacked a NATO member, in military aid, he will consider whether to perform the attack in defense commitment — shocked. Mr Ryan is German Chancellor Merkel of Germany (Angela Merkel) in the conservative party, she said: "as the European NATO allies clearly, if Trump is elected president, he will ask you to do what this alliance with?"" "But we also wonder, what is his position in the League?" She added in a German Minister’s comments on the u.s.. Leyen said that the German government now wants to know is why the German government in the contact of the people of the people of Trump, as well as the activities of the public will be published in the bulletin of the. "There are a lot of problems to solve," she said. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: