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Further to say the new A4L 3 series C three car compared to be honest, the first A4L (B8) was introduced, with the extension "trend" led alone to obtain excellent sales, but in addition there is no much contribution, still moderate, full pursuit of comfort, in front of 3 lines and C level is not what character. A comparison of two years ago to illustrate the problem. Now the new A4L listed, compared to the previous made a significant increase in all aspects, is a complete evolution. This time we put together 3 lines and C, an inevitable battle can hardly be avoided. "The time" test drive the new Audi A4L: explosion again? As it happened, the participation in the topic, Shi Muhua, Bi Jingyuan are BMW, Mercedes Benz owners, another editor in Han’s girlfriend is also the owner of the Audi, the three of us in addition to take their own brand car with each other together, more hope to take you to see our perspective character more vivid three car. Bi Jingyuan, the car home evaluation editor, BMW owners, the owners as the 3 winding; when Mu Hua, car home evaluation Mercedes owners, the commissioning editor, as C when the owners in Han, brother; editor of car home evaluation, the girlfriend is Audi owners, the owners (as A4L dry brother because the nickname "what", so do the contrast) brother of the three cars are BMW 320Li aggressive, Benz C 200 L type and Audi A4L (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) 40 TFSI fashion (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) type (hereinafter referred to as the A4L), three car, only A4L is new, I will take the appearance of the interior contrast part mainly talk about the new car A4L. The new Audi A4L from the MLB Evo platform, which is currently the most advanced platform Volkswagen Group, Q7 was born in this, the future of Audi A8 (reference, pictures, inquiry) will also be off the platform. The use of the new platform, the new A4 is greater, and made longer after A4L, the length is only three cars in a breakthrough 4800mm, it is now more than a dozen years ago, the first domestic "round butt" Audi A6 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) short of a bank card the length of the wheelbase is longer. The difference in the length of three cars in the 100mm, the longest A4L, the shortest 320Li, while the wheelbase of the car is really almost the same, 320Li and C 200 L with 2920mm, A4L longer than 12mm. After the specific differences in space to see our actual experience. In the headlight, three vehicles are used LED light source, the use of A4L dynamic rear steering lamp, LED lamp radiation from the inside to the outside, like turn light, cool, also has the sense of science and technology. In addition, the A4L is equipped with a steering assist light, while the other two cars involved in the test do not have this feature. C 200 L has high steering headlights, 320Li can also optional steering headlights. Audi’s appearance and compared to previous generations did not change much, 320Li is monotone conservative, but neat, do not see what special beauty. The three of us think that the C L 200 is the best shape and line相关的主题文章: