Fund to fight the new threshold to improve the mini products to seek a way out popkart

Fund to fight the new threshold to improve the mini products to find a way out of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! The new play is good, "rich" to "face the wayward! Do not move up the A stock market, many of the low risk appetite of investors, to gain new revenue hit. However, due to the purchase of new shares under the net is too hot, brokerage spontaneously from the previous average daily market capitalization of 10 million to improve the threshold of the purchase of the net. As a class A investors, the loss of their own big money advantage of playing the new fund, the follow-up will face a certain test. In particular, the scale of 40 million yuan in the mini hit new fund, if you want to continue to participate in the new play, had to choose to continue to raise funds or other types of products for the transition, the worst case only liquidation. In the industry view, the impact of playing a new threshold to enhance the impact of the net investor is structured, solid partial debt fund products have to be considered passive stock positions and other aspects of the configuration issues. The brokerage background of playing the new threshold of spontaneous increase in the asset shortage "and" Slow Bear ", the new play has become an important way to lower the risk return of small investors. It is understood that the purchase of new regulations IPO cancel the pre payment system, making the fund lost the big money advantage. But since April, playing new markets gradually pick up, and even more popular, playing the new fund turned into a popular". Express reporter learned that, on the end of the month to launch the Peng Huaxing run only offering 2 days later, on August 31st, the announcement raised ahead of the end of 3; only the flexible allocation fund Anxin fund’s also in the recent announcement that the total fund shares and subscription households have to meet the requirements in advance. Coincidentally, this year some fund products disregard regulations, under the net IPO filing process, the declaration of new funds far more than the size of their assets. This is also reflected from the side, playing the new Carnival once again become a public offering institution field. However, due to the purchase of new shares under the net is too hot, some brokers have been significantly raised under the net purchase threshold. In other words, the fund to participate in the subsequent play new, need to meet the higher position requirements. Yesterday, the fund industry told the new express reporter revealed that some brokers require Shenzhen positions from the previous threshold of 10 million yuan each to a stock market value, (average) increased to 20 million yuan, 30 million yuan. In other words, as a class of investors, the fund hit a new threshold raised to 50 million yuan. A large public fund source said, from the recent IPO situation, improve the net to play the new threshold value is likely to become the norm, the risks and benefits of this rally new funds rate will have a certain impact. Qianhai Kaiyuan chief economist Yang Delong believes that the purchase of new shares to improve the threshold value fluctuations is equivalent to an increase of new accounts, bin stock fluctuations may eat a part of playing the new income, increase the volatility risk of small funds. Another fund industry analysts believe that the new threshold to raise the cost of participation to raise a lot, but the scale of the fund can reach four hundred million or five hundred million yuan相关的主题文章: