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Children with frequent accidents of older drivers to teach you to easily avoid driving blind – Sohu cars today old driver to say is not a happy thing on Sunday September 17th, building up parking lot in Shenzhen, China, because of the accident the driver when driving distracted, direct rolling in 3 in front of the children, although not life-threatening according to witnesses, but 3 children covered in blood. The old driver solemnly remind everyone: don’t distracted while driving! You can wander is other people’s life! Now that the child safety issues, the old driver on the face of serious and we talk about driving blind area and how to avoid the tragedy. Above the event we first who regardless of who is wrong, even if the driver did not look at the phone at the time, even when we are driving even if there is a visual blind spot. Blind is the dead angle of vision, that is, we can not see when driving. Driving blind zone to drive a visual barrier, easily lead to accidents. For novice drivers, how to avoid blind people headache. Some areas of the vehicle is the formation of the vehicle structure, while others are man-made. The car is blind because of the fixed or moving objects and light problems caused by the blind area of different models encounter different, now the old driver which tells you the location of the highest accident rate of all the blind blind child in the car. First, the body of the blind area in front of the car can not see the front of the hood, commonly known as the former blind area. The seat body, the human body factors such as height, head length, driving can lead to blind spots exist, if there is no good control before the blind distance is easy to collision events. It can be said that the location of the accident rate is the highest blind area, the front of the car for the height of 1 meters below the children there is no small blind area. If the driver sits in the car without noticing that the child is in front of the car, it is easy to cause an accident. The front side of the car (AB column) is the windshield on both sides of the A, B column, the left side of the A column is only a small blind area, while the right side is 2. In the turn, if the A column on both sides of the wide, wide distance to block the line of sight, resulting in a large blind area. The B column blind area is mainly on the right side of the vehicle, when the vehicle is running, the need for a large angle to the outside, the B column will block the line of sight, it is possible with the right side of the vehicle collision. This is the most common blind owners in turn, because the blind children and the children did not see the shade down involved in the vehicle causing casualties. The body after the blind spot blind is from the rear door began to spread outside of about 30 degrees in the area outside of the mirror horizon, refers to the front of the car after the vehicle in front of the rear door near the car in front of the mirror, was not observed back to the car, easy to scrape and crash. Because the distance from the rear of the car and far from the middle of the barrier, so relative to the front, the blind area is very large. The rear of the car caused by many of the accident is the owner of the car in reverse, did not find the rear of the car and the occurrence of children. Two, artificial blind in addition to the vehicle itself caused by visual blind.相关的主题文章: