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Finance large coffee and Wu Xiaobo male god concerned about women’s fashion industry development – Sohu technology image contemporary society, personal image quality of work and life more and more. However, fashion is a very personalized thing, in the explosion of flooding and blind conformity era, how to make yourself out of the goddess fan children? This is where the common troubles of the middle class are now. For the middle class woman’s pain points, from Shenzhen is her life to the main flow of intelligent robot as the carrier, in the clothing brand, build smart clothing shopping platform in the middle mistress of the family as the core service object. Through the use of their own strong content, strong service, strong operation of the core strengths, to do the middle class family exclusive fashion consultant + Female Media + experiential mall + female community". It is understood that the future has come — intelligent Internet plus strategic cooperation ceremony to start the flow of her life is APP on-line conference "will be held at the Sentosa Hotel in Shenzhen in October 29th, it is expected that the financial big coffee with the men of God Wu Xiaobo will also visit the site to help out activities. Wrote the article was the highest financial writer, playing WeChat has become a media investor. All along, Wu Xiaobo on the current economic development and future trends have a precise pre judgment. As an entrepreneur, Wu Xiaobo, in 1999 to spend 500 thousand to buy a small island in Qiandao Lake, his sensitive business sense has been a clue, since then he has maintained a fixed investment in the property market habits. Today, Wu Xiaobo’s company into the industry, including book publishing, new media operators, traditional agriculture, custom wine and other fields. On the same day, Wu Xiaobo will publish the "2016, I see the trend of the four" keynote speech. In addition, he will also in the afternoon of the forum, share a traditional garment industry how to transition and middle-class consumption outlook on the industry in the intelligent Internet plus under dry cargo. Wu Xiaobo in the financial circles is a difficult name, please visit the event at the scene, is still on the flow of her life APP market prospects of great recognition, but also reflects the current development potential of her Life Inc promising. It is reported that the event there are men and women including domestic leading brand Septwolves, Ellassay attended. Is her life flow will also launch huge subsidies 80 million yuan worth of intelligent robot for major brands, as well as sending tens of thousands of intelligent robots use right andy. Andy robot hardware to provide strong support for the flow is APP rich function of her life. In addition to smart functions needed to have a "housekeeper + + bodyguard Secretary" and a series of Home Furnishing life, Andy intelligent robots or middle women throughout the year to dress collocation "fashion consultant", also meet the woman’s life just needs and spiritual needs, guide to the middle women collocation daily favorite video, audio program currently, the depth and a variety of fashion, the hostess of the occupied middle fragments of time, to enrich the middle-class family life. For the future development of vision, but also hope that her life will not only provide a life solution for millions of middle-class women, but also to become a middle-class family life attitude. At the same time, we also hope to help the traditional clothing brand.相关的主题文章: