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Business Buying leads from a leads provider on the Internet is something more and more debt consolidators, mortgage or insurance providers and creditors are doing to expand their business. In many cases, using leads lists is a very good way to acquire new clients. Search the web for phrases like debt leads, mortgage leads or bankruptcy leads, and you will the websites of literally thousands of .panies who provide qualified leads databases at your fingertips. These websites let you requests quotes, request database samples or even order leads lists immediately. The names in the leads databases sold by these .panies are derived from several sources. Some are individuals who are already submitted web form or e-mail requests for information on services like debt consolidation, bankruptcy filing or obtaining credit. Other leads contain information derived from documentation on individuals who have previously filed for bankruptcy. These leads are looking for creditors and mortgage providers who can help them to make a new start financially by lending them money. For .panies eager to expand their client lists and gain new customers, these leads are often an ideal place to start. It is best to select your leads provider based on the level of contact information on leads you require to meet the needs of your individual campaigns. Some .panies may only offer e-mail addresses or telephone numbers, but if you are only running e-mail marketing or telemarketing campaigns, this may be all you need. Other leads providers offer a much larger range of information on leads, including name, e-mail address, phone, fax and mailing address. This may give you more options on how to approach leads, but you will likely also pay more for the privilege. Most likely, you want some kind of evidence that buying leads from leads providers will produce the results you want before you spend the money. Most times, seeking out providers that offer pre-qualified leads is your best bet for success, because the leads provider has some knowledge that the leads they are giving you will have a level of interest in your business and are not cold. For example, if an insurance leads provider is offering you pre-qualified leads, this likely means that the leads on their lists have already requested insurance advice or specific insurance quotes. Pre-qualified leads lists are more likely to be interested in your services and less likely to elicit the familiar response sorry, not interested. Even if you find a leads provider service that has everything you’re looking for, it’s always a good idea to research the .pany. Find out which other businesses have purchased leads lists from the provider and what kind of results the leads produced. You may also request a demo or sample from the leads provider so you can pre-evaluate the leads and make sure you want what the provider is selling. No matter how cheap they are, purchasing leads will never be worth it unless the leads you buy turn into real clients and real revenue for your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: