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Reference-and-Education Saksham Preschool is a Play Group that caters classes from KG/LKG, located in the very posh area Sector 2 R.K. Puram, New Delhi. The play school aims to offer best play school teaching learning facilities to small kids. All the well trained school teachers are paying equal emphasis on each child in the school. Children are .ing here every day with full of excitement, wonder and enjoying moods. The whole teaching is designed in such a manner that offers children full chances to explore themselves in all school activities. At the same time we are also taking full care to maintain discipline in the school atmosphere. The curriculums of the school make children to learn good etiquettes, table manners, good .munication skills and to be hard working to grasp maximum learnings in the school atmosphere. Here children are priorities to learn good human behaviors with sheer understandings and patience lesson. Parents can seek admission in this school in mother toddlers, play group, and in senior preschool. All children will feel a home like atmosphere in this school among their co-friends and teachers. Infrastructure wise Saksham offers huge class rooms area with all the child needed facilities. In activity classes each child is getting individual chance to express themselves in story, poems telling or taking part in some national or international days or festivals celebrations. Daily activities engage various types of children games, art & crafts creations, small puzzles, yoga for kids, singing, dancing, pottery etc. The jungle gym, large sandpit and splash pool are other areas where the little ones develop their gross and fine motor skills. Basic things which are required in the play school cover soft educational toys, kid books, and modern designed swings and tremendous play full activities. The school furnitures are also designed in such a manner to help for sitting in the school .fortably. An added benefit of Saksham is that it offers day care facilities for children of working parents. The day care attendants are taking whole care of your child with personal touch. They ensure that a very high standard of cleanliness and hygiene is maintained for the childs personal care. Three times nutritious and hygienic meal is also provided to all the children. Saksham Day Care takes children between the age group of 1.5 to 7 years old. Transport facility is available within a radius of five kilometers to all children. Parents can check the lists of various reputed senior secondary schools in India. The pass outs of our play school are getting admissions with ease in various reputed public and international schools in India. With the dedicated efforts of all the teachers here, your child will be.e so capable of presenting them in front of primary or senior secondary school principal at interaction rounds. Our whole agenda of making your child independent sine their childhood is truly fulfills in Shaksham Play School. So, what are you waiting hurry up and grab the admissions here. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: