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Hubei Enshi school corruption case: more than 3 thousand people were found to recover Wuhan in August 25, buckle Xinhua (reporter Tan Yuanbin) Hubei Province, Enshi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture uniform corruption cases has made new progress, the local education system of more than 3 thousand people were found to receive kickbacks. At the beginning of this year, Xinhua news agency Xinhua survey "column broadcast manuscript" Hongtouwenjian "means" small, uniform became corruption "Tang Seng meat" — Hubei Enshi system of school corruption investigations ", causing social concern. The latest survey by the Enshi Commission for Discipline Inspection, the Enshi State Board of education school logistics management office was established in Enshi, the school Logistics Management Association, the state schools logistics distribution service enterprises as a member, and together with the enterprise profit monopoly market of primary and secondary schools. The association is under the guise of the name of students accepting dues, school uniforms, students’ nutrition milk, stationery supplies sales rebates totaling 1 million 155 thousand and 100 yuan. The investigation, 166 units of education for the state of Enshi, including the president, the logistics department responsible person, teacher, 3009 people are receiving kickbacks, kickbacks amounting to 2 million 230 thousand and 100 yuan, involving 287 thousand and 200 sets of uniforms. Meanwhile, from 2013 to 2014, the Enshi State Board of education in violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central eight, illegal purchase of local specialties, illegal payment of subsidies, involving more than 90 yuan. Enshi Commission for Discipline Inspection of the investigation found that the Enshi Department of education management confusion, a number of leading cadres involved in uniforms and other areas of corruption. Since June 2015, the logistics management office of Enshi Education Bureau, former director Zhao Guoshun, former dean of education examination Zhou Zheng, the state education supervision department deputy inspector Liu Guozhu, deputy director of the State Bureau of education Tang Shenglian has been the State Commission for Discipline Inspection and investigation, including Zhao Guoshun, Zhou Zheng, Liu Guozhu was expelled from the party and transferred to judicial organs. Enshi Education Bureau, former party secretary Ran Longying recently also due to serious violation of suspected illegal was expelled from the party, and was transferred to judicial organs. Enshi State Commission for Discipline Inspection, the relevant responsible person said, Enshi series of corruption occurred in the education system, and did not cause the Enshi State Bureau of education Party members, stationed in the discipline inspection team leader Li Min’s attention. He is not responsible to perform their duties of supervision, as a mere formality, the local people to reflect: "in the Enshi State Commission for Discipline Inspection Bureau of education discipline inspection group useless". "Because of the implementation of oversight responsibilities ineffective, Li Min was removed from the State Commission for Discipline Inspection in the State Department of education discipline inspection team leader position." Enshi Discipline Inspection Commission recently issued a bulletin of accountability, the responsibility of min. Editor: Sun Ailin SN146相关的主题文章: