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Eleven after a long vacation, expectant mothers how to adjust physical and mental health? After a long vacation every year, Sohu, a lot of people will appear holiday psychological disorders and fear of going to work". In this regard, psychologists pointed out that with the intensification of social competition, the relaxation during the long holiday and the contrast between the work pressure will become increasingly bright. Quasi mother in these two state transitions, will be more obviously not suited to. This requires a positive physical and mental adjustment. The first day of work, can not immediately enter the working state? Don’t worry, start with easy and easy work! Chat with colleagues, bask in the sun, activity, relieve some pressure. Vacation at home, the mother is food. However, the more intake, the accumulation of toxins in the body will be more. The toxin may make the pregnant mother sick, may also affect the baby’s growth, so the festival must as soon as possible to help the body detoxification. So what food is safe, and can quickly and effectively help pregnant mother to clear the body of the garbage? Apple apple also known as peace fruit, there is an old saying: an apple a day, disease away from me. This sentence is not without reason. Apple’s cellulose content is much higher than the average fruit, and Apple also contains pectin, can soften stool, there is a good detoxification effect. Less toxins in the body, the disease naturally will not find. Fungus black fungus is also very good food, dried fungus Qingchang, water after the expansion, will bring more water to the gut. It has the function of sliding intestine, clean blood, detoxification and so on, and it can decompose the thing which is not digested and stay in the intestinal tract. Contribute to the elimination of intestinal toxins, which play a detoxification effect. Tomatoes can be used to remove free radicals harmful to the body, scavenging reactive oxygen species, which are attributed to the antioxidant function of tomatoes in lycopene. Because lycopene is fat soluble, it is necessary to be able to release the oil by the body to be absorbed by the human body, so fried tomatoes than fresh tomatoes more nutritious. Celery celery has antipyretic, diuretic effect. Many people eat celery when used to eat only the stem and leaves off, actually contains nutrients in celery leaves is much higher than the celery stems, the celery leaf contains carotene is 88 times of the stem, the content of vitamin C is 13 times the stem. In addition to the above four kinds of the most safe and effective detoxification food, and the United States suggested that pregnant mothers in the best after a long holiday to eat vegetarian for two days, give the stomach some rest time. Remember to drink plenty of water, it is best to drink a cup of warm water in the morning every day, shorten the time of stool in the intestinal tract to reduce the absorption of toxins. Be sure to maintain a smooth defecation every day, so as to avoid constipation.相关的主题文章: