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Eight: from a foreign website for a pink Beauty Buys pa! No matter what day can not stop hand chop October is breast cancer awareness month, to the great woman suffering from this life-threatening disease salute, according to CDC (Center for disease prevention and control, and publicity) each year more than 200000 of the women suffered from the illness, every October, you most love beauty brand will be launched the theme of the limited edition pink in support of breast cancer awareness. Baby Foot Limited Pink Box all natural ingredients contain natural extracts, repair your feet just after the season of sandals, deep exfoliation. Ralph Lauren Fragrances Pony Limited Edition Romance smells warm and cozy, with ginger, pear, musk, and a bottle of beauty enough to take out to get you to receive the envy of your little vanity to meet you,, Tender. La Mer The Balm protects your cracked lips, with a strong mint flavor of sesame oil, which lasts for soothing and softening, and will become a basic single item in your makeup bag. Jane Iredale Love Hydration Spray natural beauty products fans will love this moisturizing spray Lemongrass. It not only contains thirty percent of the organic composition, but also to resist facial pores oil. Photo Finish Primer Water next time in your makeup on, this moisturizing primer spray water on the face, it contains the electrolyte wake up the skin let your makeup become more docile, lasting all day. Clinique Great Skin, Great Cause Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ With Limited-Edition Keychain Clinique star moisturizing cream to moisturize your skin all day, to help enhance your skin barrier, lock moisture. When we will go to the skin care path in autumn, October is the best season to try this beauty products, but also with the purchase with BCA keychain. Wet Brush in the use of this brush, you will not want to use an ordinary brush. It’s easy to get rid of tangled hair, and make your hair easier after a shower. Bobbi Brown Art Duo beautiful pink mist lip brush, painted on the lips very comfortable, to maintain a few hours. Pink Travel-Sized Detox Dry Shampoo popular favorite, dry shampoo will absorb the grease on your hair, so that the hair has not washed clean and fresh look. It will also extend the life of the nozzle, leaving no other dry shampoo will leave a white residue. Drink U Origins.相关的主题文章: