Egyptian military killed 14 extremists with is 8l9840

The Egyptian army killed 14 militants associated with IS original title: the Egyptian military killed 14 militants on 13 November, Xinhua news agency, Cairo (reporter Liu Hongde) Egypt’s military said in a statement 13, the military stronghold of extremist attacks on the same day the North Sinai province city of Rafah and Sheikh father Wade, killed a total of 14 extremists. The military statement said the crackdown destroyed 5 extremist strongholds, dismantled 10 explosive devices placed extremists against security forces personnel. At the beginning of November, the Egyptian army in the North Sinai region launched several military action against extremist extremists, killed 26, removal of about 100 explosive devices. Since July 2013, the Egyptian military to lift Mulsi presidency, the extremists in the Sinai Peninsula as the main base, frequent attacks against military and police, has caused hundreds of deaths. Making the claim that the extremist organization most attacks in Sinai province "formerly known as" Jerusalem supporters ", was founded in 2011 after the political unrest in Egypt, the main activities in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, frequent attacks against military and police, Egypt and the United States as a terrorist organization. The organization in 2014 sworn allegiance to extremist organizations Islamic state, and changed its name to the Sinai province organization. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: