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Sports-and-Recreation Riding a board with wheels started back in the 1950’s, some California surfers decided that they wanted to surf on cement streets. By the early 60’s skateboarding became a hobby and .panies began producing skateboard decks out of pressed layers of wood but by 1965 the thrill was gone, and it wasn’t until 1972 that skateboarding became popular. In 1978 a guy named Alan Gelfand changed skateboarding tricks forever with a simple technique called the Ollie. Two basic and very easy skateboard tricks to learn are the Ollie and the No .ply. How To Do An "Ollie" Place the ball of one foot on the tail curve of the skateboard, the heel of your foot should be slightly hanging off the board and turned in towards the center of the deck. Put your other foot just behind the bolts of the front wheels with its heel also turned in toward the center. Your feet should be forming a V shape. Now, bend your knees and kick down on the tail of the board with your back foot and jump while sliding your front foot up towards the nose of the board at the same time. As you are .ing down bend your knees to maintain balance and control. Kicking the back foot down and jumping at the same time will cause the board to pop up with your body and sliding the front foot forward levels the deck out while its airborne so you land on all four wheels. Try it on the grass until you get the general idea. How To Do A "No .ply" With the no .ply you put your back foot across the tail curve of the skateboard, the front foot is placed on the nose of the deck flush with the tip of the board. Squat down and apply pressure on your back foot and jump, simultaneously slip your front foot off the nose of the board and put it on the ground next to you. As the nose pops hit it with your knee to bounce the board back down, slam your front foot down on the board and lean towards the nose. Try this on grass to get a feel for the movements. When your .fortable try it while rolling on a flat surface, if done correctly you should land and ride away smoothly. With practice these are easy skateboard tricks to learn, and once you master the Ollie and No .ply you’ll be ready to take your skills to the next level. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: