Don’t pretend that IKEA is just a sad old age yuria

Don’t pretend to be just "IKEA dating" aging sorrow since the bubble tea, with meals, plus a free cup of coffee, a few middle-aged people sitting around laughing and talking, are in love, dating to even because of jealousy and strike violently. This lively scene, does not take place in a teahouse or park, elderly activity center, but every Tuesday, four in the IKEA Shanghai Xuhui mall Home Furnishing regularly staged "". This makes IKEA Hold live, October 5th began to implement the first purchase after meals, seat ", a notice that sparked heated debate. A new measure of IKEA did not seem to have what effect, many people buy a cup of coffee is 10 yuan a day. Also, they all feel very wronged, that his life is lonely, nowhere to go, IKEA provides free ordering cost, "unacceptable", but still insist on not to leave. For IKEA in the old blind group, some people think that IKEA’s deal is not humane". This group, either did not seriously look at IKEA’s announcement, or is the humanization and tolerance of the confused. Notice clearly, "the blind group occupied a comfortable dining environment, long-term occupation of the seat, to bring their own food and tea, loud, spitting, quarrel and fight", and "repeatedly discouraged, these groups also refused to improve and fit, do not say first IKEA opened the door to do business is not" that allows no prohibition "only seat to lead others nowhere to sit, loudly noisy to others, spitting influence health has destroyed the normal order of damage to the other customer rights, let alone the fight. Because of the physical and psychological weakness, the elderly should enjoy some rights, which is the humanization of civilized society. If the elderly life empty lonely cold on the grounds that the occupation of public space, damage to the interests of others, will also take advantage of twisted right to maintain, it is not unreasonable. IKEA intimate group dispute, the essence and the square dance is the same, old people are hurt by loneliness, does not mean that we can justify the harm to others, or the surrounding residents square dance is affected by noise pollution and IKEA were pushed to noisy or beaten to the customer, don’t live the bear all this? In addition to the elderly IKEA nowhere to go, should not let moral stick accused IKEA not to let them free to take advantage of, and should ask the endowment invested so much, for the elderly is adequate and appropriate public service. This is not a business obligation, is the obligation of the government, accountability object to find the right. In addition, it was said that this is the tragedy of aging, really just the sad old? Don’t say it’s not as if the old man is not going to take advantage of it. IKEA group in the elderly may be a feature of the Shanghai IKEA products, to take advantage of the cheap but IKEA can see the general landscape. When you enter the IKEA, the sofa is full or sitting or lying or "Ge You paralysis", some in some a nap in a daze, and really want to try the sofa is not sitting; the model is full of changqiangduanbao, a treasure of models wearing shorts and vest change clothes inside patting. Rent a studio will also save money; children in the parents with children playing all day, broken goods blind, injured child is IKEA’s pot. Not just IKEA, 1.相关的主题文章: