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Do not know it? Old socks can also play! Sohu – maternal season, a pile bottom pressure always collecting old clothes from home, especially in the left socks, put up a gesture, and the occupied space. This can be done? Not what is not to be creative, as everyone knows, in your opinion, these useless old socks, a child is the best childhood friend! To follow touchBOX, make a sock puppet together, the method is simple, learn Oh ~ down down down with shear, a small fox, braided yarn be nothing difficult the doll, the little girl must love dolls to design beautiful hairstyle imagination, every kind of the doll will come prominent eyes and lovely ELMO DIY is a small animal, bring the child creative surprise cool small dinosaurs do a pony puppet, lovely to burst the flower snake, so cute! Adorable puppy state full of classic striped socks, turned a small crocodile pig, monkey, mouse, let you to creative long billed bird, pretty shocked? So many lovely shape, are worn out creative socks oh! Please collect home old socks, use of leisure time, and children play together, rational use of waste, can always give us a sense of achievement): full of pictures from the network touchBOX creating artistic enlightenment from parent-child touchBOX small company begin creating a straight, and that hard life, art popularization; touchBOX small hit off, want to become the parents of keys, open children to the door of art; touchBOX small hit off, want to be a child in the hands of the brush, the expression in their eyes to the beauty of the world; touchBOX hit off, want to accompany their parents and children will art into life, feel the charm of art and beauty. TouchBOX small hit off, designed for 3-8 years old children age 12 year design theme order, monthly home delivery of 1 class video class +N + exclusive AIDS life art inspired art course in extending a total of 72 coherent hall system introduced art masters and various art schools相关的主题文章: