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Do not double clutch? The independent brand CVT gearbox SUV who do Sohu generally choose automobile independent brand SUV brand for customers, the car is not very concerned about, but for the vehicle itself will just be strong, most users regard it as the main force of family use, to take care of a few passenger space, work out the loading capacity and the appearance of the interior of the main it is good to hear or see, for a family is not a small expenditure, so more hope that your car can be sturdy and durable. In the automatic transmission inside, taking into account the fuel economy and driving comfort of the CVT gearbox has become the best choice. And because of its mechanical characteristics of the structure, the quality of the CVT gearbox is also more reliable, then the independent brand which is equipped with CVT gearbox SUV who is the best choice? The choice of Chery Tiggo 5, Beiqi magic speed S6 and S5 in hippocampus were compared. The appearance of contrast: Tiggo 5 magic speed S6 stocky, domineering, in S5 the overall shape of the young tiger 5 tall stocky, visual feeling, relative to other competing products Tiggo 5 very tough body lines looks more like a SUV, and the lower part of the grille chrome silver trim and a collocation sense of fashion, and the tail of the model line is high, the visual center in the light above, looks a sense of fighting. 8 LED lamp standard and top distribution models equipped with far more to improve the fine one xenon headlamps to the vehicle. Beiqi magic speed S6 X family front looks domineering, a grille and larger inlet and the rear taillights echoed very very straight coordination has a sense of power, with lens and other halogen lamps exquisite 18 inch wheels makes the overall style more atmospheric. On both sides of the rearview mirror below is equipped with a camera for auxiliary and reversing the use of very practical. In S5 the overall appearance style of young radical, headlight shape is very sharp, give a person a kind of anger and prestige both visual sense. The side of the body using U type waist dynamic, roof other backward tightening is similar to cross-border car feeling, rear styling with shield lines design, multi-level visual effect is very rich. Summary: in recent years the appearance is also more open design brand, to gradually get rid of the early appearance of plagiarism after each set the development direction of a relatively uniform, the positioning of their products is very clear, whether it is in favor of off-road vehicles or city SUV models have a good performance style. Spatial contrast: Tiggo 5 magic speed S6 storage, the trunk is smooth, the hippocampus S5 trunk opening from the body data, Tiggo 5 the width and height of the best, and this is also reflected in its tall shape; the magic speed S6 length and wheelbase optimal theory, the leg space will be relatively abundant. Tiggo 5 seat with a black leather seat red stitching on the seats, but large thick padding is relatively hard, front and rear head space and leg space are relatively abundant, but the lack of the head and the rear floor uplift is high. Storage grid configuration is very rich and the central armrest box is the upper and lower two layers of functional design.相关的主题文章: