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Health I recently did some research on autistic people to gather information on making decisions, .pared to people who do not have the disorder of autism. As I was doing my research I began to understand that studies have indicated, people who have autism seem to make more rational decisions than the people who do not have autism. I decided to look the word rational up in the dictionary, to understand what the word means. I learned, according to Webster’s New Word Dictionary, rational means "able to reason". I have experienced by interacting with autistic children that they do not appear to be using their intuition, or emotions to make decisions. The people who had autism, from the result of me interacting with them, showed their use of making rational decisions. I was impressed and surprised to view this kind of behavior. I felt this was a special gift or skill for them to have. I learned and came to realize that making decisions with autistic people, they rely on thought, and they do make rational decisions, but this process can be slower than using the process of intuition and emotions. Most people have one thing in .mon and that is, they need to process their decision before making it. The decision or past experiences that are made by most people require logic to .plete the decision. I have been impressed with my brother, when he made some decisions. He based his decision on the way the problem or the challenge was given. For example: My parents moved into their new home and no one knew where the shut-off valve was for turning the water on or off, that was to control the main water supply in their home. One evening, the pipe in the basement of my parents, started to have a slow leak and water was covering their basement floor. My brother, heard the water dripping and rushed downstairs to shut the main water valve off. Our family was shocked! The valve was hidden behind some rafters and was not easy to find. No one in our family knew where that valve was. My brother was quick in making his decision that was rational, to shut the valve off and stop the leak. During the process of making decisions, people who do not have autism, usually weigh the balance sheet, of what would be the proper thing to do in making a decision. I have experienced by interacting with autistic people, some of them know exactly what to do by making rational decisions that are reasonable. In addition, they are able to reason what should be done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: