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Did not think of really fun live is actually double 11- technology Sohu on the evening of November 3rd, Ali held Tmall double 11 official explosion models list conference, used for the first time in the form of live conference explosion models list, Ma Weiwei, Wang Zijian, SNH48, Zhang Quandan, Wang Ziru and other guests entertainment big Coffee full scene, as long as 6 hours, hard brush a live screen, the whole network playback volume break 10 million, causing many hand chop party crowd. It is reported that this year’s double 11, except Ali nearly 60 thousand live outside, other platforms are also many matches live to join, live + new ways for its content and the entertainment of the new form of many businesses this year 11 blitz. As the first attempt to combine the fun of shopping and live interactive platform for electricity providers, Alibaba this year, 11 pairs of red webcast in the network can be described as a heavy note. Alibaba chief marketing officer Dong Benhong said that this year will be broadcast during the double 11 "games", "please God" and other entertainment programs. From October 21st to November 11th, Tmall’s official broadcast plus the total number of businesses will be more than 60 thousand Reds live field. See here, there may be a lot of friends do not understand, a good electricity supplier section, we are coming to grab the goods shopping, how also played a live it? Live is a newly emerging industry in recent years, public data show that the current market on the broadcast platform up to more than 200, and with the development of broadcasting industry, broadcast platform has gradually become the flow of black holes, and with high viscosity and high ARPU value is its main feature, unfortunately, anchor who rely solely on a reward for the students, and no more effective way to realization. Until Tmall live on the line, many of the network for the red anchor who opened up another channel for the realization of electricity supplier, opened the curtain of electricity providers live. The trend of the development of the Internet is TXT, JPG to AVI, text and pictures can never be compared to the direct access to video information, convenience, and electricity supplier is also so. The traditional electricity supplier, we obtain a commodity information is often complicated by multiple images and text tree arrangement to realize, in spite of this, most people understand the commodities are still not comprehensive enough, but through the video, especially through the anchor, can give consumers a more direct understanding of the specific information of goods the faster to make purchasing decisions, this is the advantage of direct seeding. This year, Tmall released a list of 11 double burst models live as an example, it is a change in the excel table, H5 pages and other old-fashioned form, let Tmall know through the live goods industry experts to provide consumers announced one by one. Not only that, the explosion site released a list of just gathered a large coffee, Wang Zijian and Ma Weiwei as the host, the Danish consul general to promote SNH48 milk, hot performance, even the Reds Wang Ziru, Zhang Quandan and pan entertainment special memories weskit "horse nation and other entertainment big coffee festival. The whole process is a "dry cargo", let the entertainment hand chop party explosion collection bag in a variety of laughter in the. In addition, from the scene point of view, the list of 11 double burst release such a live, is really to meet the needs of consumers shopping, through live broadcast相关的主题文章: