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Diabetes control with Alternative Treatments How to meter under control the Diabetes? Stay Healthy with Diabetes. How to Count & Curbs Diabetes? Prevent Diabetes complication. What should be Diabetes Menu Plan? Follow every day tips for Diabetes. Diabetes with Alternative Treatments. Diabetes can be treated through many elements. Although conventional to complementary and alternative treatments are available everywhere. Solomon Gluco-Fia 3001 series Diabetic Shoes. A Patient with diabetes, have to pay special attention to his feet. Diabetics damage nerve, or neuropathy, during this problem a patient can lessen his ability to feel pain: especially in his feet. That’s why it becomes important to inspect ones feet daily and choose his shoes wisely. You can develop a Foot corns, blisters in the lower legs, callus in the foot, or may cause foot injury and even may not know about it. Any of these foot problems may develop open and oozing soars, which are known to be foot ulcers. Wearing good soft, well-fitted, and comfortable shoes can prevent serious problems in the Foot during diabetes A treatment for diabetes that is not classified as standard or under western medical practice is known to as complementary and alternative Medicine or Therapies. The category constitutes a variety of disciplines that include everything including diet, Routine or Daily exercise, Releasing stress or mental conditioning and daily lifestyle changes. These alternatives therapies may be concerned and referred as acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, yoga, hypnosis, biofeedback, aromatherapy, relaxation, herbal remedies, body and foot massage, and above all I.R Therapies including so many others, which change from country to country and system to system. Dia-B Care Diabetes Control a foot care and Diabetes Control Socks. Solomon Bio Pharma & Research launched its Dia-B-Care Diabetes socks which are unique and functional. It is made up off a special fiber developed through Nano Technology and which is further embedded with Nano Polymers. These socks are Anti- bacterial, Anti Fungal and above all, it can cure the soars with its I.R emission. It helps rejuvenate the Nervous Systems and further controls the blood pressure. The I.R emitted has deep penetration in the tissues, which clears all the dead cells and re-generates new body cells. Dia-B Care Diabetes socks has the capability of controlling diabetes to some extent. Solomon Bone Magic 206 Diabetic Heal Cushions Solomon recently developed and launched a highly efficient Diabetic heal Cushions. The Magic heal cushions have the capability to support and release the entire vertebral column. As you wear it emits I.R through the surface of your sole. Which further penetrate inside the body? This cures all your bone issues and specially your joint pains. It regulates Blood pressure and at the same time it corrects the body posture. You can feel the difference in your body just within 5 min of its use. It has been developed and Developed by Rajendra Trakru (CEO) Solomon bio Pharma and Research and a leading Diabetologist Ms Zhang Ling (Taiwan) owner Body Shapes. Bone Magic 206 is an outcome of three years of Research and Development of both the people who have dedicated there whole concern developing this product. People with any type of Foot, Flat Foot, High Arch or Low arch can use the same product and receive an unbelievable results. Which Alternatives Therapies and Practices can help to Curb and Control Diabetes Mellitus? Supplements Chromium a widely known transitions metal has been widely publicized as therapy to improve and control diabetes. Although many studies support a role of chromium as beneficial in diabetes, presently there are no recommendations for its use in diabetes management. Magnesium an Alkaline metal has studies to support as an essential metallic component for diabetes therapy. It improves blood sugar control in people with diabetes. Lack of magnesium is associated with insulin secretion abnormalities and thus leads to diabetic complications. Vanadium again a metallic component is derived from plant sources thay according to few studies increase a person’s sensitivity to respond against insulin. But still there are no reports that may recommend supplementation to be given to people with diabetes. Plant Foods Some plant and foods have been found to help people with Type-2 Diabetes. Brewer’s yeast Broccoli and other related greens Fenugreek seeds Buckwheat Okra Peas Sage Many of plant foods are rich in fiber, which is beneficial to help and control blood sugar levels. There are thousands of cases reported with promising results. As for many of the other herbs being proposed for diabetes control, are garlic, ginger, ginseng, hawthorn, Karela, Loki, Gudmaar, or nettle and many others. If a person has diabetes and are considering taking any of these herbal substances kindly watch your conditions on daily basis. In any case if the person responds invariably not to the satisfaction, kindly stop taking such alternatives. Solomon Natural Weight Loss. As you may know that weight and diabetes are linked to each other, most of the Diabetic patients embrace and turn to alternative therapies that control weight. They may or may not help you to reduce weights or burn fat to the levels you want or they can lead to more complications and end up in giving more diseases to your body. Chitosan Camsogia Garcinia (hydroxycitric acid) Chromium Pyruvate Germander Momordica charanta Sauropus androgynus. Aristolochic acid. In addition, to this trans-dermal (skin patch) systems as well as oral sprays have been developed to purportedly reduce appetite and facilitate weight loss but they may or may help you to reduce that extra kilos of fats or deposits. Solomon Energy Slim and Sauna Bath is a unique FAR Infra Red based products, It revitalizes the nervous system of the body and controls Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Rejuvenates the Body cells, Tissues, Burn Cellulite, Resolves Extra Fat, Throws away all Body heavy metals, and above all it detoxifies the body of all foreign bodies which are the reason of Ageing and Skin Detiorations. It removes wrinkles. It is a system that can bring back Young Looks and you may look 10 years younger than of your age. Are these Herbs Safe for Diabetes? Chitosan has been a great deal of recent publicity. It is derived from seashells and has the ability to bind to fat and prevent its absorption. Although it is believed to facilitate weight loss, Herbs like Germander, momordica charanta, sauropus androgynus, and aristolochic acid have been associated with liver disease, pulmonary disease, and kidney disease. Also, a recent survey of herbal preparations for obesity found that many preparations contained lead or arsenic and other toxic metals. Some may also contain other undeclared ingredients, which have serious complications on your body. Using herbal products for diabetes During diabetes treatment with herbal product, you should discuss any drugs you use with the right specialist or BAMS /BIMS degree holders for its. What is believed that all the herbal products, which qualify the department of AYUSH under patent manufacturer, are absolutely safe and can be taken under right doctors? Avoid preparations made with multiple herbs other than one herb. Select brands carefully. Only purchase brands that list the herb’s common and Botanical names, proper name and address of the manufacturer, batch numbers and lot numbers, expiry date, scheduled dosage, and product side effects. These products are Unique Innovative and available under Free Home Delivery in India, You may our E-Commerce Web Portal. .elecwire.. for more information and details, Rajendra Trakru (ceo) Solomon Bio Pharma & Research 513/513C/514, 5th Floor, Jaina Tower-I District Center Janakpuri New Delhi-110058 [email protected] +91-11-41589168 相关的主题文章: