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Delicious lotus cake how to do? You know what? – eat more [content] Sohu under the title "click on the blue delicacy hall" brother into subscription wit [share] Click on the lower right corner of the circle of friends to share the forwarding or lotus cake is a traditional snack in Jiangnan area. Mainly to fresh lotus root, green onions, salt produced. Of course, you can also add a number of other materials, such as meat, sausages, ham or something, you can fish, seafood or something. Today a brother to give you a shrimp with lotus cake. Material: fresh lotus root section, shrimp 180 grams, onion, ginger, cooking wine and salt amount. 1, fresh lotus root ground velvet. 2, fresh shrimp head shelling, back surgery, removal of the shrimp line, add wine, ginger, salt, more than 10 minutes. 3, lotus paste with shrimp, salt and onion, stir well. 4, the heated pan, add a small amount of oil, lotus paste kneading balls into the pot, fry until golden brown on both sides after flattening. It is said: read this article many friends have quietly subscribed to the "Museum" genius brother delicacy about us [Jiangnan delicacy Museum] public number: sanzhiywl what is more important than health! WeChat food and health information platform! You deserve it! Sohu 2013 annual news client the best regional delicacy since the media people welcome to subscribe to my Sohu mobile phone news from the media: if you love my article, or you want to share it with your friends, you can scan two-dimensional code below the icon, the Sohu installed mobile phone news client, and then find the "genius brother Museum", please don’t forget the delicacy click "subscribe" button, there are more and better in waiting for you, also can share articles to your friends or friends, let your friends can choose to read it. Gifts of roses, fragrance in hand. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? find a public number: [Jiangnan delicacy Museum] WeChat search the public number: sanzhiywl content sharing: click on the upper right corner you can share to my circle of friends. How to subscribe to WeChat sanzhiywl? There are two ways of looking at it; turn on WeChat, click friends, and then add friends. Use the search number function, enter the sanzhiywl, that can find and pay attention to my WeChat public account.   相关的主题文章: