Deepmind new computer has been able to use memory self-learning artificial intelligence to a new lev invictus gaming

The new DeepMind computer has been self-learning artificial intelligence to a new level of TNW Chinese station in October 14th reported that Google uses memory (micro-blog) in the 2014 acquisition of artificial Intelligent Company DeepMind developed a learning new knowledge with their own memory and use this knowledge to answer the questions of the computer. This product is of great significance, because it means that the future of artificial intelligence technology may not need to teach it to be able to answer the questions raised by humans. DeepMind said the DNC (micro neural computer) AI model can receive the information genealogy and the London Underground network map like this, can the relationship between different projects and answer those data structure in the complex issues. For example, it can be said from the beginning of Bond Street, along the central link line sit to stand, sit four points, then turn the Jubilee line two stops, which you will arrive at the station?" Such a problem. DeepMind said, DNC can also help you plan the best route from the swamp door to Piccadilly circus. Similarly, it can also understand and respond to the relationship between members of a large family of such complex problems, such as "who is Zhang San’s uncle?". DNC is based on the concept of neural network, neural network can simulate the way of human thinking activities. This AI technology is very suitable for machine learning and supporting the use of. DeepMind AlphaGo AI can beat the champion champion also has a lot to do with these neural networks. But the AlphaGo must be trained for the developers to provide about 30 million players to record the history of AlphaGo. Let artificial intelligence technology has the ability to learn through memory, you can let it alone to complete more complex tasks. DeepMind hope DNC can promote the computing industry to achieve more breakthroughs. DeepMind has published its findings in the scientific journal Nature (Nature). (compile Lin Jingdong) wonderful video recommended universal WeChat era, with voice function 60 seconds is what kind of experience? The United States The Next Web works related to the rights and interests of Tencent Inc exclusive all. Without authorization, shall not be reproduced excerpts, etc.. ]相关的主题文章: