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How Much Is Your Data Worth Online? Posted By: Robert Siciliano Cyber crime sure does pay, according to a report at Intel Security There AND rsquo;s a boom in cyber stores that specialize in selling stolen data. In fact, this is getting so big that different kinds of hot data are being packaged AND mdash;kind of like going to the supermarket and seeing how different meats or cheeses are in their own separate packages. Here are some packages available on the Dark Net: Credit/debit card data Stealth bank transfer services Bank account login credentials Enterprise network login credentials Online payment service login credentials This list is not complete, either. McAfee Labs researchers did some digging and came up with some pricing. The most in-demand type of data is probably credit/debit card, continues the report. The price goes up when more bits of sub-data come with the stolen data, such as the victim AND rsquo;s birthdate, SSN and bank account ID number. So for instance, let AND rsquo;s take U.S. prices: Basic: $5-$8 With bank ID#: $15 With AND ldquo;fullzinfo AND rdquo; (lots more info like account password and username): $30 Prices in the U.K., Canada and Australia are higher across the board.

data breach Data Security Policies Need Teeth To Be Effective Posted By: Robert Siciliano Bottom line: If you have a data security policy in place, you need to make sure that it AND rsquo;s up to date and contains all of the necessary elements to make it effective. Here are 10 essential items that should be incorporated into all security policies: 1. Manage employee email Many data breaches occur due to an employee AND rsquo;s misuse of email. These negligent acts can be limited by laying out clear standards related to email and data. For starters, make sure employees do not click on links or open attachments from strangers because this could easily lead to a AND nbsp;ransomware AND nbsp;attack. 2. Comply with software licenses and copyrights Some organizations are pretty lax in keeping up with the copyrights and licensing of the software they use, but this is an obligation. Failing to do so could put your company at risk. 3. Address security best practices You should be addressing the security awareness of your staff by ensuring that they are aware of security best practices for security training, testing and awareness. 4.

data breach How To Recycle Old Devices Posted By: Robert Siciliano When it comes to tossing into the rubbish your old computer device, out of sight means out of mind, right? Well yeah, maybe to the user. But let AND rsquo;s tack something onto that well-known mantra: AND nbsp;Out of site, out of mind, into criminal AND rsquo;s hands. Your discarded smartphone, laptop or what-have-you contains a goldmine for thieves AND mdash;because the device AND rsquo;s memory card and hard drive contain valuable information about you. Maybe your Social Security number is in there somewhere, along with credit card information, checking account numbers, passwords AND hellip;the whole kit and caboodle. And thieves know how to extract this sensitive data. Even if you sell your device, don AND rsquo;t assume that the information stored on it will get wiped. The buyer may use it for fraudulent purposes, or, he may resell to a fraudster. Only 25 states have e-waste recycling laws. And only AND nbsp;some AND nbsp;e-waste recyclers protect customer data. And this gets cut down further when you consider that the device goes to a recycling plant at all vs. a trash can. Thieves pan for gold in dumpsters, seeking out that discarded device.

data breach Metalogix Controlpoint 7.0 Wins Cloud Computing Excellence Award Posted By: PRP Washington, D.C, December 30, 2015 – Metalogix, the premier provider of unified cloud software to migrate, manage and secure content across enterprise collaboration platforms, today announced its ControlPoint 7.0 security solution has been named a Cloud Computing Excellence Award winner, by Cloud Computing Magazine. The Cloud Computing Excellence Award winners represent the companies that are leading the charge in driving cloud education and adoption, allowing their customers to grow their businesses through cloud-based capabilities. Announced in November 2015, ControlPoint 7.0 was designed in direct response to an outcry from customers for a solution that would enable them to eliminate SharePoint security vulnerabilities and protect all of their data from the relentless threat of a data breach. Unlike competing solutions, only ControlPoint 7.0 delivers advanced technologies such as its patented real-time machine learning engine that not only pinpoints suspicious behavior and unauthorized access, but remedies the situation up to and including user lock-out. Additional enhanced capabilities across permissions, auditing, reporting and governance build upon its already robust feature set, including the ability to automate site provisioning, enforce consistent site settings and user experiences and speed up administration tasks. With ControlPoint 7.

archiving Tips For Backing Up And Protecting Your Data While Traveling Posted By: Robert Siciliano The season of giving is now upon us AND mdash; but don AND rsquo;t forget, it AND rsquo;s also the season of stealing AND mdash; and no, I don AND rsquo;t mean your wallet or the gift package at your doorstep, but your Social Security number, credit card information, medical records and any other highly confidential information that you have stored on your computers. Thieves want your data AND mdash; the information stored in your smartphone, laptop and other devices. People are especially vulnerable to this crime when they travel. Don AND rsquo;t let the hustle and bustle of holiday travel detract you from protecting your data! Make sure your devices have updated security software. Remove all the sensitive data (e.g., medical records) from your device prior to travel AND mdash; but not before you back it up. One way to protect your data is cloud backup. AND nbsp;Protecting your data begins with keeping your computer in a safe, secure, locked location, but when you are traveling, this is simply not an option. Therefore, automatically back up data to the cloud. The third layer is to use local backups; ideally sync software that offers routine backups to an external drive.

data breach 8 Ways To Ensure Safe And Secure Online Shopping This Holiday Season Posted By: Robert Siciliano So, who AND rsquo;s on your holiday gift list this year? That list is a lot longer than you think; consider all the names of hackers that have not yet appeared on it. Scammers will do whatever it takes to get on your holiday gift list! Here AND rsquo;s how to keep these cyber thieves out of your pocket: Before purchasing from a small online merchant, see what the Better Business Bureau says and also search Google for reviews. If you see an unexpected e-mail allegedly from a retailer you shop at, don AND rsquo;t open it. Scammers send out millions of trick e-mails that appear to be from major retailers. They hope to trick gullible shoppers into clicking on them and revealing sensitive information. So many of these scam e-mails get sent out that it AND rsquo;s common for someone to receive one that appears to be from a store they very recently purchased from. When shopping online at a coffee house or other public spot, sit with your back to a wall so that AND ldquo;visual hackers AND rdquo; don AND rsquo;t spy over your shoulder. Better yet, avoid using public Wi-Fi for online shopping. Back up your data. When shopping online it AND rsquo;

online scams Phishing Works And Here’s Why Posted By: Robert Siciliano A phishing e-mail is sent by a cyberthief to trick its recipient into revealing sensitive information so that the crook could steal money from the recipient or gain access to a business AND rsquo;s classified information. One way to lure an employee is for the crook to make the e-mail appear like it was sent by the company AND rsquo;s CEO. Often, phishing e-mails have urgent subject lines like AND ldquo;Your Chase Bank Balance Is Negative. AND rdquo; In its 2015 Data Breach Report, Verizon reported that 23 percent of employees open their phishing e-mails. Eleven percent go further by clicking on something they shouldn AND rsquo;t. Why do so many employees (and mainstream users) fail to recognize a phishing e-mail? Strong security awareness training at companies is lacking. Perhaps the company simply tosses a few hardcopy instructions to employees. Perching them before videos isn AND rsquo;t enough, either. Security awareness training needs to also include staged phishing attacks to see which employees grab the bait and why they did so. With a simulated phishing attack approach, employees will have a much better chance of retaining anything they AND rsquo;ve learned. It AND rsquo;s like teaching a kid to hit a homerun; they won AND rsquo;

phishing Best Practices For Byod Data Storage Posted By: Robert Siciliano The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement has in some ways saved companies money, but in other ways put customer data at risk. Employees are onsite, telecommuting or traveling on business. This means their devices, and company data could be anywhere at any given moment. A company manager or owner realizes that company use of employee mobile devices brings benefits. But employees also use the devices for personal activities, increasing the risk of hackers getting into company data. The solution is to train these employees in BYOD, information security and awareness. They must be aware of how risky a data breach is, how to secure data, especially if the device is loaded with company data. An overlooked part of that training is knowing how to deal with old data, back up that data and in some cases, delete it. Data lives in 3 forms: stored on a local device, backed up in the cloud and deleted. Over time, old data begins to accumulate on devices and that can cause problems. Here are some key considerations and best practices for dealing with the BYOD phenomenon at your business: Ask yourself when old data no longer needed?

data breach British Cybersecurity Specialist Becrypt To Present At High Profile New York City Cyber Security Posted By: PRP

British company Human Error Is Inevitable: Ways To Protect Your Business Posted By: Robert Siciliano National Preparedness Month is happening right now. It AND rsquo;s the perfect time to take action for you and your community. It AND rsquo;s all about making plans to remain safe, and when disasters do strike, to keep communications going. September 30th is the culmination of NPM, with the National PrepareAthon! Day. If a burglar sees your Facebook status that you are traveling on vacation and then enters your house, and takes $10,000 worth of valuables, it AND rsquo;s safe to say you as the homeowner facilitated the theft. This is no different than leaving your doors unlocked when you head to the store. This lack of attention to security is why crime often happens. These lapses in judgement are akin to how human error enables data breaches. Even worse, for a small business, employee behavior accounts for a significant number of hacking incidents AND ndash; and the costs of data breaches are tremendous. A study from CompTIA says that human error is the foundation of 52 percent of data breaches. The CompTIA report also says that some of the human error is committed by IT staff.

data breach Company For Sale Includes Your Data Posted By: Robert Siciliano When you subscribe to an online service, be careful of how much information you give out about yourself. Most businesses in their terms and conditions, say they AND ldquo;respect your privacy. AND rdquo; But what if these companies go under or are sold? An article from the online New York Times explores this concept. Today AND rsquo;s market-data-hungry-businesses can gather lots of data about subscribers. This data can be transferred to third parties in the event the company is sold or goes belly up. The New York Times recently analyzed the top 100 U.S. websites, and the revelation is that it AND rsquo;s par for the course for companies to state that subscribers AND rsquo; data could be transferred as part of a sales or bankruptcy transaction. Companies like this include Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and Apple. On one hand, such companies assure consumers that privacy is important. Next second they AND rsquo;re telling you your data will get into third-party hands if they sell out or fizzle out. A real-life example is the Texas dating site that attempted to sell its customer database to another dating site. However, AND rsquo;

data breach Why Hacking Is A National Emergency Posted By: Robert Siciliano Foreign hackers, look out: Uncle Sam is out to get you. President Obama has issued an order that allows the State Department and Treasury Departments to immobilize the financial assets of anyone out-of country suspected of committing or otherwise being involved in cyber crimes against the U.S. This order, two years in the making, covers hacking of anything. The order refers to hacking as a national emergency. Imagine if entire power grids were hacked into. Yes, a national emergency. Another reason hacking is a national crisis is because the guilty parties are so difficult to track down. Hackers are skilled at making it seem that an innocent entity is guilty. And a major hacking event can be committed by just a few people with limited resources. However, the order has some criticism, including that of assigning it an over-reaction to the Sony data breach. But it seems that the government can never be too vigilant about going after hackers. Proponents point out that the order allows our government greater flexibility to go after the key countries where major hacks come from, like Russia and China. This flexibility is very important because the U.S.

data breach Reports Say Russians Hacked Irs Identities Posted By: Robert Siciliano CNN recently reported that the data breach of the IRS, which occurred between this past February and May, originated from Russia. The crooks were able to steal tax returns from over 100,000 people. The thieves filed a total of $50 million in tax refunds, having obtained personal data to get ahold of the data. In other words, this crime wasn AND rsquo;t a hacking job. The Russians didn AND rsquo;t hack into the IRS AND rsquo;s network through some AND ldquo;back door AND rdquo; or social engineering scheme. They actually entered through the front door, using the personal data they had obtained. Just how the breach came about is not yet known. The IRS AND rsquo;s Criminal Investigation Unit, plus the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration, are trying to figure it all out. The FBI is also involved. Americans have no reason to feel secure about the protection of their tax data. For years, there have been security concerns by the leaders, and this latest Russian incident has fueled the flames. Orrin Hatch, the Republican Senate Finance Committee Chairman, has stated: AND ldquo;When the federal government fails to protect private and confidential taxpayer information, Congress must act. AND rdquo;

IRS 5 Attributes Of A Successful It Asset Disposition Program Posted By: Jonny
hard drive destruction Ultimate Defense Posted By: Renee Sandler

defense Jk0-023 Comptia Network+ Certification Exam Posted By: David J Prado JK0-023 CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam takers that are planning to take the CompTIA Network+ exam should have vital knowledge related to the certification. The individuals should also have the suggested amount of experience on the side of networking. JK0-023 CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam main course outline is given as under: The applicant has to know the importance of implementing network segmentation which consists of SCADA systems/Industrial control systems, Legacy systems, Separate private/public networks, Honeypot/honeynet, Testing lab, Load balancing, Performance optimization, Security, Compliance, install and apply patches and updates, OS updates, Firmware updates, Driver updates, Feature changes/updates, Major vs minor updates, Vulnerability patches, Upgrading vs downgrading, Configuration backup, configure a switch using proper features, Native VLAN/Default VLAN, Forwarding/blocking, Filtering, Interface configuration, Virtual terminals, In-band/Out-of-band management, Managed vs unmanaged, configure wireless LAN infrastructure and implement the appropriate technologies in support of wireless capable devices, Small office/home office wireless router, JK0-023 CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam Wireless access points, Device density, Roaming, Wireless controllers, VLAN pooling, LWAPP, Wireless bridge, Site surveys, Heat maps, Frequencies, Connection types, Antenna placement, Antenna types, Omnidirectional, Unidirectional, Signal strength, Coverage, Differences between device antennas, Topologies, Infrastructure, Mobile devices, Cell phones, Gaming devices and Media devices.

JK0-023 Latest Certification Tests Identity Fraud Victim Every Two Seconds Posted By: Robert Siciliano Yes, identity fraud is SO common that someone becomes a victim every two seconds. The 2014 Identity Fraud Study, as reported on, turned up some alarming results. Though the dollar amount stolen had decreased over the year preceding the study, the number of victims had increased. People at highest risk were ages 35 to 44. Account takeover AND mdash;when the thief takes over a pre-existing account AND mdash;made up 28 percent of ID fraud losses in 2013. But the greatest risk factor for becoming a victim of identity fraud is the data breach. In that year, 30 percent of people who were notified of a data breach became an ID fraud victim. Identity fraud is associated with credit cards, but this type of crime can also involve hijacking someone AND rsquo;s PayPal account, or account on Amazon and eBay. How to Protect Yourself Javelin Strategy AND amp; Research, who conducted the study, recommends the following: Never use public Wi-Fi (at least use a VPN) Shred old sensitive documents. Change the passwords on all of your accounts often. See which accounts offer two-factor authentication, then set it up. This way you AND rsquo;ll know if an unauthorized person is trying to access your account.

identity fraud Is Your Website And Data Secure? Posted By: Robert Siciliano Imagine a lifeguard at the beach sitting on his perch. His job is to patrol and monitor for signs of trouble. He sees a surfer being attacked by a shark. Wow, a lot of good it does that he AND rsquo;s in a completely helpless position; by the time he scrambles off his perch and runs towards the water, the victim has bled out. Ouch. This is the same concept behind cyber crime. By the time a business or everyday Internet user realizes they AND rsquo;ve been hacked AND hellip;major damage has been done. We can AND rsquo;t just be reactive. We have to be preventive. The damage can destroy a business, not to mention take down the everyday persons website who did not have their prized and sensitive data, blogs, or photos backed up. Forbes points out that over 60 percent of small businesses, after a serious data breach, go belly-up within a year, cyber crime is a major threat to medium-size businesses as well. Companies worry a lot about their product and service, but are slowly coming around to the idea that a potent draw to potential customers and clients is the advertising of powerful IT security to fight off data breaches.

data breach Posted By: Robert Siciliano Just when you think it was safe to believe your Social Security number can AND rsquo;t get stolen AND hellip;news breaks of the Anthem data breach. Over 80,000,000 patient records were compromised, including SSNs and home addresses. Like a meteor striking the earth, a disastrous ripple effect is underway, with patients getting hit up with phishing e-mails. If you ever suspect your SSN has been stolen, some suggest contacting the IRS and Social Security Administration and notify them of your situation. The thief can do bad things with your number, but if you contact these agencies, can you really protect yourself from that? I AND rsquo;m not sure these agencies can really do anything based on the volume of fraud happening today. So what should you do to guard against ID theft while you AND rsquo;re still ahead? Your credit report should have a fraud alert placed on it. This way, lenders and creditors will be stricter about identifying you as the authentic applicant. Thus, a thief will probably flunk these extra steps. Contact either Equifax, Experian or Transunion and they AND rsquo;ll place the 90-day fraud alert. You can also ask for an extension. Consider re-establishing the fraud alert every 90 days.

credit freeze The White Hat Hacker Posted By: Robert Siciliano These days, it is hard to pick up a newspaper or go online and not see a story about a recent data breach. No other example highlights the severity of these types of hacks than the Sony breach late last year. While a lot of information, including creative materials, financials and even full feature-length movies were released AND ndash; some of the most hurtful pieces of information were the personal emails of Sony executives. This information was truly personal. You have a right to privacy, but it AND rsquo;s not going to happen in cyberspace. Want total privacy? Stay offline. Of course, that AND rsquo;s not realistic today. So the next recourse, then, is to be careful with your information and that includes everything from downloading free things and clicking AND ldquo;I agree AND rdquo; without reading what you AND rsquo;re approving, to being aware of whom else is viewing your information. This takes me to the story of a white hat hacker AND mdash;a good guy AND mdash;who posed as a part-time or temporary employee for eight businesses in the U.S.. Note that the businesses were aware and approved this study. His experiment was to hack into sensitive data by blatantly snooping around computers and desks;

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