Cycling to find the most beautiful autumn in Ningbo reshacker

Cycling Ningbo looking for the most beautiful autumn tour in 2016 09 Sina micro-blog | 14 September 13:57 when to fall when writing will always use such words as: culture is like gangbusters autumn parking Fenglin love to sit late red flowers in February now grown up, still want to return to childhood. Play together, ride together, the most suitable for the. An invigorating autumn climate, action bar, so comfortable weather is more suitable for the enjoyment of life! Finally can go out during the day! Finally, you can ride the car to see the scenery! Around Dongqian Lake cycling routes Dongqian Lake dotted with numerous cultural monuments, the basic line series of spots. The advantage is obviously not like riding, fly, do not regret missed, you unfold a picture scroll, ink essay walk, one point one cross, all in mind. With the flying bike. Through the forest, you met: Narathiwat Island, barbecue, cruise, worship the God of wealth all things to all men; Han Ling in the Middle Kingdom, chicken dog voice is heard, with calm temperament; Putuo Xia Yu small monastery fine prayer in the heart is a quiet place; Fuquan mountain blue tea garden, lush rich fragrance. Route: Downtown Dongqian Lake Tourist Service Center (car); Dongqian Lake cycling (cycling) Yuyao Lu Ting mountain riding line Siming foothills of the Lu Ting Xiang, located in the high mountains and lofty hills, enjoy the poetry and legend of natural beauty and pleasant. As a number of cycling routes in Siming Mountain, Lu Ting mountains, close to the LAN and Liang Nong, a mountain reservoir, bridges, ancient trees and bamboo cultural monuments, Lu Ting Road along to the rider more fresh experience. Pictures from village to village between the White Hart climbing, about 12 kilometers of mountain road on the autumn gorgeous, Bai Yunqiao thousand years old and solid, where the annual flying riders also feel the change of seasons and Lu Ting long history. There are around Lianglong Town, Xiangquan bay villa can play, can enjoy the local via Dalei, seasonal fresh, delicious anomaly. With urban routes: – four – – Ming Lu Ting Xiang Da Lan – Liang Nong, Lei Yin Avenue riding line beautiful lakes, the leisure life of the country, always give people the most reliable happiness. Along the East Yinxian avenue of outer ring road riding, soon found the Repulse Bay Village joy in the world, from the entrance door to start Vegetable & Fruit huge basket full of joy filled foot. Tired to eat the fresh lake fresh vegetable farm soil and characteristics of venison, their stomach with good care. With the route: Yinxian Avenue – Repulse Bay Village – Nanyuan YOUNGOR Zoo – happy world flower — Ji Jia Zhuang – ten in four – sweet garden of Southern Song Dynasty Stone Park of Liangzhu culture park riding line in Yinzhou terrain is high in two sides and bottom, two things are rolling hills, north-south longitudinal is broad plain, this piece of fertile land since ancient times is the land of plenty. This process started from the West Riding Yin Liang Zhu Cultural Park, more than a set of agricultural history and culture, folk water style, farm life taste and recreation experience as one of the country happy laughter 2相关的主题文章: