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Crazy make people: get rid of weak sperm + high deformity, 4 months to get – Sohu maternal and child Mid Autumn Festival before the day of pregnancy for over 3 months, in order to give the sisters confidence, let my husband personally wrote the treatment process. Probably because it involves too many names, has not passed the audit. So the simple introduction of the disease, to give you confidence. I 85 years, her husband for 83 years, in 2015 after the embryo stopped checking found her husband A+B=37%, malformation rate of 99%, as well as the old problems of varicocele. Go to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, a deputy director of the physician, a traditional Chinese medicine for 2*21 days, collocation and pupa kidney Huoxue Tongmai Capsule (Hirudo powder, improve blood supply, probably for varicocele). Eat at the end of April, the review of PR19.9% malformation rate of 71.7% (in the hospital, do not know what the relationship between PR and A+B). The doctor said, deformity rate up, dressing change main PR, and opened 2*21 days of Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine. At the beginning of the June examination, PR26.6%, malformation rate of 75%. Male doctor and gynecologist said can try, of course, for insurance purposes, continue to prescribe medicine to eat to eat for 21 days of pregnancy, no response, open at the beginning of July 21 days, the Chinese medicine for silkworm fufangxuanju. At the end of July found pregnant, now in the period of the most dangerous moment. Say a little experience: I hope to help the sisters in this paper from the crazy man made APP user -xiaojiulin " experience sharing, the copyright belongs to the original author. If you want to learn more about the preparation of pregnant pregnancy knowledge can be downloaded crazy man APP Oh, now you can also download the lottery相关的主题文章: