Corruption in Colleges and universities in Yunnan, 8 colleges and universities in violation of money sayu-02

Yunnan University corruption prone, 8 universities 5 illegal money and gifts of Public Funds – Sohu Education recently, the Yunnan provincial four rounds of inspection of the 22 provincial universities, found various problems 273, involving leading cadres found clues 69 violations of the law (which involves the management of the provincial cadres clues, issue 38). The "ivory tower" should be the training of academic research, the pure land, why become a high incidence of corruption? News Jun for you to sort out what happened in Yunnan more than "ivory tower" in recent years, the cases of corruption. How the corruption in the ivory tower was born! In 2015 the average number of college leaders were informed on Monday according to the data released by the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of supervision website, since the common reported 34 universities in 2015, the leadership of the 53. As of December 31, 2015, according to public information display, 11 people have been "double", 6 people by the party warning, and another 8 people by the party a serious warning, 16 people are receiving organization survey. From the notification frequency, the average weekly leadership of a university was informed. Among them, the most frequently reported in 2015 of December, a total of 12 people informed. Followed by 10 people in November and a total of 9 in January. It is worth mentioning that, in December 1, 2015, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection announced the notification of 9 people in November 2nd, announced the notification of the people of the 8, which reached the peak of the number of days of notification in two days in 2015. Yunnan ivory tower of ivory tower corruption million " greed tiger " Zhen party towards the former party secretary of Yunnan University of Nationalities Zhen party towards the education system in Yunnan province is thirty years to the highest level, the highest title sacked, the highest degree, the largest amount of money involved in corruption "tiger". In July 3, 2014, former party secretary of Yunnan University of Nationalities Zhen party towards bribery case in Kunming public hearing, Chen towards the party was accused of corruption in enrollment, intervene in the project bidding, accept bribes and to bribe people to seek benefits such as 11 criminal facts. Prosecutors alleged that Chen towards the party served as president of Yunnan University of Nationalities, party secretary, taking advantage of his position and illegally accepting a number of units and individual huisong of 7 million 118 thousand yuan, euro 10 thousand yuan, Buick cars 1. Bribery property equivalent to a total of 7 million 469 thousand and 335 yuan RMB, and seek benefits for the briber. At present, Chen towards the party found guilty of accepting bribes, was sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property; the money 7 million 459 thousand and 335 yuan confiscated. The former vice president of Yunnan Poice College Qian Lei due to bribery checked Qian Lei, former deputy governor of Wenshan, director of the State Public Security Bureau of the Eleventh Wenshan Prefecture People’s government, (and) secretary duties, the public security bureau Party committee member, vice president of Yunnan Poice College. In April 2014, Qian Lei checked on suspicion of bribery crime. Southwest forest more than 10 department level cadres were investigated in Yunnan Southwest Forestry University fan Moumou long-term "control" business city design institute, the inspection teams found the design institute operating income.相关的主题文章: