[color] network lottery 3D 16305th first as good as water at 234 stellarium

[color] network lottery 3D 16305th: first as good as water at 234 location: 234123034: 680516: 234 energy-saving Danma Fucai 3D 2016305th numbers recommended: review: last out of 856, group of six combinations, the parity ratio of 1:2, the size ratio of 3:0, and the value of 19220 combinations, 3 span. Positioning, kill number analysis: A: on the issue size even 8, nearly 10 parity ratio out of 4:6. Nearly 10 hundred on the size than 8:2, the current concern decimal out, kill 68, concern about the 234. Two: the period from large code number 5, out of nearly 10 parity ratio of 4:6, nearly 10 of ten on the ratio of the size of 6:4, this period attention decimal number, kill 05, 123. Bottom: on stage out of code even 6, nearly 10 parity ratio out of 5:5. Nearly 10 bit size ratio of 6:4, the attention decimal number, kill 16, 034. Location: 234123034 kill code: 680516 Danma: 234 (reminder: personal views for reference only)相关的主题文章: