Cole told Ma Ying-Jeou that Luo Zhiqiang had been buried in the coffin! liuxiaobo

Cole told Ma Ying-Jeou that Luo Zhiqiang had been buried in the coffin! The DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus total call Ke Jianming. (source: Taiwan’s ETTV cloud) original title: Ke Jianming told Ma Ying-Jeou Luo Zhiqiang sigh: is buried in the coffin! China Taiwan network November 9th news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud reports, the DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus total call Ker chien – Ming accused a former Taiwan leader Ma Ying-Jeou called "leak case", the 8 day of the first trial, this is the first time Ma Ying-Jeou stepped down after a defendant to appear in court. Ma Ying-Jeou, who served as deputy secretary general at the time of the office, said, "as early as at that moment, Taiwan was right, it was a group of faceless people buried in the coffin". According to Taiwan media reports, Ke Jianming recently accused Ma Ying-Jeou in Taiwan prosecutors "special investigation group" judicial investigation case "suspected of abetting" lobbying "former Attorney General Huang Shiming" leak ", put forward the private prosecution to the Taipei district court, the court yesterday as a defendant Ma Ying-Jeou summoned the court hearing. Luo Zhiqiang said, "face" is a very wonderful thing, usually no face will point to the face of people who say he has no face. Luo Zhiqiang said, this group of faceless men still think he topped temple, head of the Taiwan female writer Jian Zheng’s words: "the old gold is not for this reason, with the broken copper phase class." One is not divided into Taiwan, will inevitably bring a day of society. Today, we’re paying for it. (Lining, Taiwan, China)相关的主题文章: