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Chinese first "Double Tenth" offshore wind power projects put into operation the – energy – September 8 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wang Jing) in September 8th, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (hereinafter referred to as cnpec) announced at a press conference in Beijing, as China’s first "Double Tenth" offshore wind power projects such as the East China Sea wind power cnpec the project has made the power business license, marking the CGNPC development and construction of the Jiangsu Rudong 150 thousand kilowatts offshore wind power demonstration project (hereinafter referred to as the Rudong project) the commercial operation, also marks the development of offshore wind power in China achieved a major breakthrough in the history of. Rudong project is located in Jiangsu City, Rudong Province, the Yellow Sea sea area, in May 8, 2015 officially started construction, a total of 38 typhoon installed units, with a total installed capacity of 152 thousand kilowatts (). According to CGN spokesman Huang Xiaofei introduction, "Rudong is China’s first offshore distance the farthest operation, the maximum installed capacity of offshore wind power project. Rudong Project 25 km away from the coast, the submarine elevation -8 meters to -14.6 meters, is China’s first with the "ten" standard, the real meaning of the offshore wind power project." Huang Xiaofei said that the Rudong project put into operation, marking China mastered the core technology of offshore wind power construction, also let our country become countries such as Germany and the UK, one of the few with offshore wind power construction the core competence of the country. Rudong offshore wind power demonstration project to overcome a number of global problems offshore wind power is the frontier territory of wind power technology, but also in recent years, the development of international wind power industry focus areas. In July 2011, the National Energy Bureau and the State Oceanic Administration jointly issued the "offshore wind power development and construction management Interim Measures" rules for the implementation of the construction of offshore wind power, "double standards" clearly defined, namely the offshore wind farm should in principle in the offshore sea water depth distance of not less than 10 kilometers, beach width more than 10 km may less than 10 meters (referred to as the "double standard") area layout. National wind power development in 12th Five-Year plan also made it clear that to encourage the development of offshore wind power projects in the water depth of more than 10 meters offshore offshore development of more than 10 kilometers. Compared with the intertidal wind power, offshore wind power technology is more difficult, more demanding, offshore construction, need to overcome resistance to seawater and salt fog corrosion, long distance cable laying a number of technical problems, and even some world-class issue. To attend the conference Chinese Guangdong Nuclear Power New Energy Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the China new energy) vice president Li Yilun said, as China’s first "Double Tenth" offshore wind power project, Rudong project to achieve a number of technical innovation at home and abroad. For example, the completion of the project of the Rudong Asia’s first offshore booster station, the land of modular construction, the construction scheme of integral hoisting of the sea, not only reduces the operation time of offshore construction, and ensure the product quality of the offshore booster station. In addition, the project in Rudong, laying the longest two 110 thousand volt three core cable, a cable up to 28.5 km. In the construction process, the Rudong project uses innovative detachable hanging pile pile stabilizing platform crane and construction technology, to achieve the first deepwater free transition section of single pile and pile).相关的主题文章: