China will develop the long march eight rocket aimed at the international commercial launch m

China will develop eight rocket Long March   aiming at the international commercial launch market – technology – September 12 Beijing Xinhua (Zhao Zhuqing) this year is the 60 anniversary of the founding of China’s aerospace industry, the course of space commercial development has gone through more than 30 years. Recently, the second session of the forum China commercial space development held in Wuhan, the reporter learned from the Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group, as the main force of China’s aerospace industry, the group not only of China’s manned spaceflight and lunar exploration, the Beidou satellite navigation system, high-resolution earth observation system, a new generation of carrier rockets and other countries science and technology major special mission, but also won a good reputation in the international commercial space development, carried out 54 international commercial launch services currently has more than ten countries. The history of China’s commercial space originated in the last century in 80s. In October 19, 1985, the Chinese government announced the launch of the service to the international market. November 1, 1988, China Aerospace signed the first commercial launch service contracts. April 7, 1990, the long march three rocket will be successfully launched into orbit Asia one, marking the launch of China’s service officially entered the international market. Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Group Chief Engineer Sun Weigang introduced over the years, Chinese from commercial space launch services to the international contract, the implementation of the whole satellite exports, and gradually formed a development model of satellite and rocket manufacturing, launch, ground system construction and operation services the whole industry chain type. At the same time actively undertaking commercial launch services, China will gradually expand its aerospace business and satellite manufacturing services in orbit. In October 14, 1999, the long march four B rocket successfully in Taiyuan launch CBERS 1, opened the curtain of the manufacturing field of international cooperation in the whole satellite of China; in May 14, 2007, the long march three B rocket in Xichang successfully launched Nigeria communications satellite, the successful implementation of international practice of satellite in orbit delivery; September 29, 2012, March two No. Ding in Jiuquan successfully launched a number of satellite remote sensing in Venezuela, and to provide technical advisory services through setting up factories, cooperation at the local, remote sensing satellite exports zero breakthrough. In recent years, the aerospace science and Technology Group will also be extended to the field of commercial space satellite operations. Last November 21st, the long march three B in Xichang again, the successful launch of Laos satellite communication, for the first time to deliver the entire star of the ASEAN countries, and the establishment of a joint venture company of group of Laos Laos Asia Pacific satellite company limited cooperation at the local ground operations, the cooperation has achieved fruitful results. In the field of commercial satellite remote sensing, aerospace science and technology group last year officially launched the "16+4+4+X" commercial remote sensing satellite service, the constellation project goes smoothly, this constellation will consist of 16 0.5m resolution optical remote sensing satellites, 4 SAR satellites, 4 satellites and a number of high-end optical remote sensing satellite video, hyperspectral satellite. By the end of 2013, the aerospace science and Technology Group will start the two satellites, the construction of China’s first commercial satellite remote sensing resolution of 0.5m remote sensing satellite constellation, reaching the international advanced level. In the middle of 2017, will also deploy additional two satellites to the same type of stone binary form. By then, I相关的主题文章: