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China Shanxi aluminum four family background of central enterprises enterprises by environmental groups sued — Environmental Protection — original title: China Shanxi aluminum four central enterprises have been corporate environmental groups sued mapping / Gao Yue newspaper Beijing news reporter Qie Jianrong September 7th environmental organization friends of nature official today to the "Legal Daily" reporters. They filed sued the Shanxi Aluminum Company Limited investment (hereinafter referred to as the CLP Shanxi aluminum) environmental pollution liability dispute case recently from Shanxi Province, Xinzhou City Intermediate People’s court. It is reported that China Shanxi Aluminum Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise with the background of central enterprises. Reporters learned that, coupled with this business, recently, the natural friends have been directed against the background of the central enterprises 4 companies filed environmental public interest litigation, which has been accepted by the relevant court from 3. According to friends of nature, the person in charge, they sued the CPI Shanxi aluminum industry, the reason is that the millions of tons of alumina project supporting the red mud pond open storage has been nearly 3 years, strong corrosive residue which endanger the local ecological environment and the national key cultural relics protection units form temple security. The official also revealed that in this public interest litigation, environmental resources law research and service center of China University of Political Science and Law as a case to support the unit involved in the prosecution. Public data shows, China Shanxi aluminum industry was founded in October 2002 by the CLP International Mining Investment Company Limited (accounting for 96.54%) and Shanxi economic construction investment company (accounting for 3.46%) share ownership management. At the end of March 2013, total assets of 13 billion 206 million yuan, 2060 employees. For the CLP International Mining Investment Co. Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Power Investment Corp, founded in September 2009, headquartered in Beijing. Currently has an annual output of 2 million 600 thousand tons of alumina and aluminum electrolytic aluminum enterprises in China, the total assets of $13 billion 800 million, the total number of employees more than 2400 people in. Obviously, this is a background of the central enterprises. Friends of nature, the responsible person told the "Legal Daily" reporter, China Shanxi aluminum built 1 million tons of alumina project in red mud pond is located between Shanxi city of Yuanping province Zhongyang Xiang Feng Cun and Lian Jia Gang, "the red mud is the waste residue discharged from the production of alumina plant, containing a large amount of alkali material, strong corrosive, can cause of groundwater pollution, soil pollution, harm to human." The responsible person said, China Shanxi red mud Library covers an area of 1 million 200 thousand square meters, a total capacity of 13 million cubic meters, in September 2013 to stop using, has not been required to seal a closed base, wind exists serious dust pollution, a great impact on the atmosphere, soil and surrounding the health of the population. It is worth noting that the friends of nature from the investigation confirmed that the red mud pond only about 1 kilometers, is the national cultural relics protection units, Ji Hui temple, which was built during the Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Ming and Qing Dynasties Jinyuan reconstruction, frequent repairs, as China traditional wooden structure. The responsible person told reporters that the CPI Shanxi aluminum corrosive or accelerated aging of red mud Ji Hui temple. )相关的主题文章: