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Chengdu confinement center push price housing 160 thousand and 1 per month only 1 people (Figure) – Beijing "super" confinement center warm room. The morning of November 17th, 8 months pregnant women had come to a confinement center "Chengdu Changhua Road inspection". As the first child confinement "too suffer", the second child, Ms. Tsang decided "for their own good points" — to the confinement center in confinement. In Chengdu, there have been the same as the mothers and mothers have a lot of psychological. With the opening of the two child policy, Chengdu confinement center emerge like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Compared with the previous month of meals, or even tens of thousands of Chinese confinement center is a high consumption, however, this does not affect its unpopular. The occupancy, mostly "80" Mom, especially the two child mother, they settle on the confinement center "postpartum repair service". Ms. long road to "study" the Korean confinement center, the maximum charge 16 months in case, why so high price? Maternal separation disinfection before the door, always monitor the baby this month Center opened in an office building. Any person to enter, first of all have to wear shoes, and disinfect the air sterilization room, "the main body of the dust is sucked." Staff, after the first pass, but also for body temperature measurement, hand cleaning. The confinement center is warm, a door you can see a dozens of square newborn room, newborn room and outside separated by glass. "There is a constant temperature and humidity, and equipped with high-speed ventilation system and oxygen generator, ensure to provide the best environment for the baby." Staff said. In indoor, placed a picture of a baby bed. Above each bed, there is a camera. "Mom can be monitored at any time in the room." Allegedly, each newborn by three or four nurses looked at, will be carried out every day for 3 jaundice monitoring." Neonatal room. 160 thousand rooms opened one year, only one person to stay more than a month ago, she was admitted to the confinement center. Compared with the newborn room, most attracted to her is "don’t suffer". "Eat, live, do not have their own tube, physical and mental pleasure." To check the price of 60 thousand MS is "affordable housing", more than 4 discount down month. And the most luxurious confinement center room, the price for 16 months in case. This luxurious room, an area of more than 100 square meters, with a living room, bedroom, bathroom. Room decoration, light reflection, slow light colored windows…… A lot of postpartum depression prone to women, so as simple as possible layout, so open space." Staff said. The room facilities are complete: milk heater, small refrigerator, air purification machine, oxygen machine. The staff specially introduced a specially for the mother prepared a set of "feeding artifact" — according to the ergonomic design of the cushion, the Ottomans, and support the baby cartoon pad. "So, when feeding, you do not have to hold the baby, relaxed many." Compared with other rooms, deluxe room has a bidet. The staff said, the bidet is specially shipped from South Korea, worth nearly 500 thousand yuan. "相关的主题文章: