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Chen Peisi named The Voice of China Tutor: Show nice – Sohu culture channel recently, "Chen Peisi evaluation of a The Voice of China" (later renamed "because of copyright infringement China new song") interview with heat transfer in micro-blog. Chen Peisi said in an interview: "poker-faced The Voice of China" the performance is really good, do it just like, their mutual understanding is difficult to achieve the height of the drama stage…… Chen Peisi said that he is the Zhejiang satellite TV, China good voice and Hunan TV Daddy where to go, loyal fans. When it comes to "The Voice of China", Chen Peisi chatterbox opened immediately: he said, "when you see The Voice of China" a few songs, most of the time in the several judges. Why? Because the sound of several judges on the stage really superb performance, I think they improve the performance of the unique benefits of performing well." Chen Peisi solemnly declared: I am not a satire! I line, I know what he did with really like. The mutual understanding between them, to be honest, we are in the stage of the drama, it is difficult to do this, these people are really smart! His judges, again boast: show is not the TV program need? The fake is right! Others are doing well, I support "China good voice"! To say "where" Dad, Chen Peisi says he would love to my wife and children sitting together, and then meet "". Why? Because it is a basic condition of Comedy: everyone knows that the child does not know, this is the play. This program from the existence of a comedy, as a comedian I think it is a success, must be supported in theory! Finally, Chen Peisi said, although he never gave any contest as judges, but if the day theater tickets sold, to be considered when the judges to seek a way out, mix to eat…… Chen Peisi did not think so bluntly, the whole without the dirty to evaluate over two most popular variety…… Netizen said: what a great truth…… Some netizens believe that Chen Peisi may not really be ironic, he really felt that the judges played very well…… Some devices can not play please click here to watch相关的主题文章: