Chased during the day before the law was stolen thief only two or three minutes before and after the

The day is a thief, urban management law enforcement stealing bag and only two or three minutes of new culture news (reporter Tang Qi) yesterday morning, the netizen of micro-blog, Changchun City West five road and near the road, an administrative law enforcement personnel in law enforcement, law enforcement on the messenger bag in the car turned out to be stolen by thieves. "I was a little confused, and thought that the bag fell in the unit, I thought it was stolen by the thief." November 11th, Wang Ming (a pseudonym), said he was roadside enforcement, think of the law enforcement car speaker suddenly loud sound, and later found the bag was stolen. While friends released a video display, time is November 8th at 2 o’clock, the road from time to time after, the administrative law enforcement vehicle is located on the camera to the left, but only according to the front of the position, there are two men standing in front of the position for a moment, and Wang Ming is urging a motorcycle driver, will the car parked on the roadside. From the video, and failed to shine directly into the thieves steal. "I really did not expect that my car is printed around the words of the law enforcement vehicles, and my car has not stalled, the thief’s courage is too great." Wang Ming said, before and after two or three minutes of time, and so on after the motorcycle driver left, his wireless speaker, suddenly made a ring. Wang Ming said that the loudspeaker loud speakers is the vehicle, usually is used for law enforcement, he rushed to the car, found the door open, wireless remote control handle inside the speaker disappeared, put myself in the cab Crossbody Bag was gone, "but I think that I was the bag fell on the unit, back to the unit to find, then determine the thief is stealing." Wang Ming said that he was standing in the car less than 5 meters away from the place, but also did not pull the car keys, if his reaction at that time, the thief certainly did not go far. Wang Ming said his survey monitoring, see suspicious people, suspected someone, especially when someone stands in front of the car, may be blocking pedestrians around the line of sight, then good things in the car. "My bag has a total of about 1200 yuan, and all kinds of documents are lost, and now the past 3 days, I have been re quite troublesome." Wang Ming said, in addition, he is careless, but never thought the day is so rampant thieves. Currently, the case is still under investigation. Editor: Qu, SN117相关的主题文章: