Central inspection team spot checks 12 Yangtze River Jiangsu section of drinking water sources to sa brock lesnar

Central inspection team: new Inspectorate Beijing on 15 November, the third central environmental protection checks 12 Jiangsu section of the Yangtze River source of drinking water problems in 8 – today announced the Jiangsu provincial environmental protection inspectors, Jiangsu pointed out that the existence of environmental risk problem has not been effectively resolved, part of the regional ecological and environmental problems etc.. For example, the city of Xuzhou is still illegal construction projects, the province’s many high emission existing types of chemical production enterprises more than 6300 admission rate of only about 30%. July 15, 2016 to August 15, 2016, the central third Environmental Protection Inspectorate of Jiangsu province to carry out environmental protection inspectors, the formation of inspectors opinion, and today to the Jiangsu provincial Party committee, the provincial government feedback. The inspector believes that the Jiangsu provincial environmental protection work at the forefront of the country, the first in the country to develop the ecological red area protection planning, has promulgated the Yangtze River water pollution prevention and control regulations, the revision of the Taihu lake water pollution control regulations, protection regulations, solid waste pollution prevention regulations and more than 10 local environmental protection laws and regulations. The deepening of water pollution prevention and control, the implementation of "double compensation" policy on the regional water environment covers 66 sections, in the implementation of the "long river system on the basis of vigorously promoting the" long section ", to further clarify the Party leadership responsibility for flood control. Deepen the air pollution control, the completion of ultra low emissions of coal-fired power generating units 44 million 620 thousand kilowatts, accounting for the province’s total installed capacity of 59.8%; the air emissions trading power from the power to iron and steel, cement and other industries. Preliminary establishment of soil environmental monitoring network, and actively promote the prevention and control of soil pollution. Take the lead in the introduction of economic and social development of green evaluation system; the establishment of corporate environmental credit evaluation system, the province’s more than 20 thousand enterprises to carry out environmental credit evaluation, evaluation results into the credit system. Implementation of the ecological red line protection directly linked to the ecological compensation transfer payment system, from 2013 to 2015 a total of 4 billion yuan of compensation funds. Through efforts, in 2015, 13 cities in air quality compliance rate increased by 6.5 percentage points compared with 2013, the average concentration of PM2.5 fell by more than in the year of 2013, Jiangsu. The national control section is better than the grade III water quality, which is 11.8 percentage points higher than in 2010, and the Taihu River Basin has achieved the goal of drinking water quality for the past 8 years. Up to now, 2451 pieces of environmental reporting problems have been completed, ordered rectification 2712 enterprises, 1384 filing penalties, the penalty amount of 97 million 500 thousand yuan, detained 108 people, interviewed 618 people, 449 people of accountability. During the inspection, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government has also issued a comprehensive reform program of Jiangsu ecological environment protection system and other documents, to further strengthen the ecological environment protection work has laid the foundation. At the same time, the inspector pointed out that Jiangsu province environmental protection work has made significant progress, but the contradiction between the rapid economic and social development and resources and environment carrying capacity is still outstanding, some structural and regional environmental problems have not been fundamentally resolved, greater environmental risk. The main problems are: first, the implementation of the national environmental protection policy deployment is still in place. Air pollution prevention and control by the state and Jiangsu.相关的主题文章: