Census of pollution sources, so that each data are true nibbuns

The census of pollution sources, to make every day before the State Council issued the real data "on notice" the second national census of pollution sources, decided in 2017 to carry out the second national census of pollution sources. "Notice" requirements, any place, departments, units and individuals shall not delay, false and concealed and refusing to report the census data, census data may not be forged, tampered with. National census of pollution sources is a major national survey, but also the basic work of environmental protection. Whenever the census, will inevitably encounter resistance. 10 years ago, in order to reduce the interference, the relevant departments of the three census data that is not linked with the "11th Five-Year" to reduce the total task, the target responsibility assessment and sewage charges linked to work is not as punishment charge to the census object basis. Nevertheless, in the investigation process, there is still an unexpected situation. For example, the census object does not match. According to reports, the Shanghai pollution source census leading group office, said he went to a hotel census, has gone to 10 times to get the census data in Pudong. Sometimes, the census fortress two packs of cigarettes, the other will cooperate. The census process, it is inevitable that there will be such a resistance, the need to resolve the census one by one, but also the need for a clear set of measures to improve the compatibility of the census object. And do not match, the census object fraud is more anxiety. To some extent, data fraud than to get the census data once more terrible fraud, unable to obtain the real data, decision makers may be misleading, it cause pollution. Don’t underestimate the census of "false impulse", don’t ignore the fall of the responsibilities of the supervision department. These two days have reported that only in 2015, the relevant departments have found 2658 sources of pollution automatic monitoring facilities are not normal operation, resort to deceit and other issues, there are 17 provinces registered since 78. It is worth asking is, before the main business is fraud, and environmental data fraud events in Xi’an showed that the defend conscientious regulators also will become a ghost". Our country has the source of pollution units and self-employed households are census objects, which means a large amount of census work, which is subject to census and census personnel are the test. Census personnel occupation ethics, determines the quality of the census, the census personnel should not only be endowed with sufficient power for the census, the census will remove barriers to strengthen the supervision of the census personnel, for example in their census sent inspection teams to check the data sampling. It is worth mentioning that, compared with the last census, the census is not only technical upgrades, the system is also upgrading. Environmental protection department official said, in order to ensure that the census information is true and accurate, will enhance the satellite remote sensing, drones and other means of investigation, and the application of the Internet, mobile terminal, information technology, and the establishment of "institutional environment dare fraud" from the top of the design, the main types of "not fake". If the realization of the two no fraud, census results can be expected. The census process is the process of mapping of pollution sources, but also for the source file, is to curb pollution process, relevant departments in addition to the emissions of pollutants, mainly to understand, but also understand the treatment situation. Let every census data are squeezing out the water, so that every census of all.相关的主题文章: