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Beautiful Weiyang hit live but the first set new network – in search volume rose-女f4

"Beautiful Weiyang" hit "live but the first set search volume rising – Beijing as the golden goddess Tang Yan 2016 annual costume masterpiece, is Beijing TV, Dragon TV and video website hit" Jinxiu Weiyang "issue continued to heat up," but the first live search volume set "word continue to rise. Tired of watching all suffered from wonangqi role users have praised, this Tang Yan Daguai upgrade the road looked really fun. Tang Yan is no longer the "silly white sweet" before Tang Yan played the role of always give people a "silly white sweet" feeling, and this time she in the "beautiful" Weiyang in subversive in the country, was after the heroine, with sharp eyes, just perfect the micro expression to the audience find everything fresh and new feeling. With the opening of Tuoba Jun (Luo Jinshi) first met, Li Weiyang was a set thousands of pet in a wayward princess. But then the plot was held to celebrate the birthday of a sudden turn for the worse, the government on the murder of Dousheng, Li Weiyang let the country in an instant, a huge misfortune aroused her hidden "strongest woman" attribute. The Mountain Inn Bath after the fire, the assassination of Li Weiyang, twice survived the more bright and calm all deep, with "full skill" into the enemy enemy house, start Daguai upgrade path. The audience evaluation, the role of Tang Yan as "beautiful" Weiyang in full stereo, a vicious but can keep the beginning of the heart, finally saw her acting outbreak. In fact, the two kinds of opposite personalities blend perfectly in the same person, Tang Yan really is not a small challenge. Tang Yan’s performance lets the audience satisfaction, successfully created a delicate heart, but also online IQ malicious fierce refuse fresh image. It is reported that after the show, Li Weiyang will also experience a growth and transformation, for their own spell out a way out. The big "soy sauce" Jinxiu Weiyang "brought together many showbiz big coffee, not only Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Vanness Wu, Mao Xiaotong, Li Xin, and other popular idol, Leanne Liu, Lily Tien, Tan Kai, and Wang Liyuan to join the old drama of bone. Although the old drama of bone have played are soy sauce supporting, but with many years of acting experience, they will be queen, Chi cloud soft, Hexi Wang, grandma’s image of the perfect shape, time is short but impressive. "Jinxiu Weiyang" fusion of intrigue, war, Li Zhi, Sadomasochism and many other elements to construct a complicated story context and the relationship between the characters, and set a reasonable advance the plot and dark foreshadowing, very dramatic tension. In addition to the thrilling plot, bright dress makeup, the Northern Wei Dynasty customs also adds color to the costume drama. It is reported that, in order to maximize the reduction of the Northern Wei Dynasty life scene, the crew invited a special study of this period of history teachers to ensure that the pulse of folk creation, bloodline series "". Luo Jin Vanness Wu, the hair on the fusion of Xianbei nationality is one of the characteristics of pigtail, distinctive characteristics of this period of history.相关的主题文章:

Woman claiming to be the richest woman in Malaysia Michelle Yeoh is his aunt – China Network-hypersnap-dx

The woman claiming to be the Malaysia rich woman Michelle Yeoh is the "aunt" – Beijing woman Yang his fiction is the Regal Malaysia women, Michelle Yeoh is the aunt, and rely on their own "gab" the victim Lee fooled head. Just a few months, Mr. Li was Yang cheated about 5000000 yuan. Beijing Morning Post reporter learned yesterday, Yang was the city’s first court of First Instance sentenced to 14 years in prison for fraud. WeChat made "wealthy" female according to the prosecution allegations, Yang from November 2012 to March 2013, to the victim Mr. Lee his fiction is the Malaysia businessman granddaughter facts, and conceal their repayment ability, cheat Lee more than 530 yuan rmb. Prosecutors believe that Yang’s behavior constitutes a crime of fraud. The victim Lee said, by the end of 2012, he was in Chengdu by WeChat know a girl Yangxing, each claiming to be the people of Malaysia, in the German Consulate in Chinese. Lee introduced himself to do financial investment, Yang said he was also studying financial school, so that the two began to be familiar with each other. "She told me she was the granddaughter of Malaysia’s richest man, and Michelle Yeoh was her aunt. I do not believe, then she sent me the photo is a photo and celebrities, dignitaries, I believe." Mr. Li said that Yang also invited him to participate in an activity in Shanghai. Lee recalled that once Yang said his friends to celebrate his birthday, he bought a piece of Cartire in Shanghai and a gold necklace. After Yang returned to Beijing, Lee also sent her a lot of gifts. Pure flicker wantonly borrow money, however, since Yang back to Beijing, began to borrow money to Lee for various reasons. Mr. Li said, Yang gave him a call, said her mother and a wealthy Hongkong invested in a project in Hongkong, her money account, because the need to spend no time to go through Hongkong, I would like to ask Mr. Li to borrow 1 million yuan, Mr. Li without doubt that a section of the Department of. In early 2013, Yang also repeatedly borrow money from mr.. Until a friend reminded Mr. Lee, said Yang Yang day wear jewelry are false, began to arouse his suspicion. Mr. Lee woke stuffy find Yang confrontation, she and Mr. Li was rendered speechless, and taken to the police station. The court held that the defendant Yang’s behavior constituted fraud. The whole case, the court sentenced Yang sentenced to imprisonment for 14 years, deprived of political rights for 3 years and fined 14 thousand yuan. Beijing morning news reporter Huang Xiaoyu相关的主题文章:

Mountain villagers service Miss son was born unaware of elected village officials-gigolos

Mountain villagers service miss the birth of his son know was the original title: mountain village 25 years I do not know all the electrical service folks love elected village Yang Honghui carrying tools and food supply power for mountain farmers travel over land and water. Liu Wei photo call, Yang Honghui electric service village go home, happy and not exhausted. Liu Wei photo Beijing, Xinyang, October 9, (Men Jiedanganrenwei) Henan Xinyang old electrician Yang Honghui, carrying a dry valley perennial service folks, even if you miss the birth of his son, also refused to delay the villagers use electricity for 25 years, he has never been on call complaints, without the knowledge was elected village, and led the villagers to battle with heaven and earth the village has fundamentally changed. Perennial with dry mountain service call Miss son Yang Honghui was born in 1992, animal husbandry professional after graduating from secondary school, coincides with the village temple Huanglong Dong Town Xinyang City, hometown of electricity, lack of talent, he decided to drop the specialty, heavy responsibilities, electrical electrician knowledge began to learn from scratch, career began. Employment at the beginning, Yang Honghui’s biggest task is to install indoor line for each. At that time, the villagers to raise funds to do electricity, electrical installation of electricity is to close the construction costs. The average charge is 5 cents per bulb. Although he is very poor, but Yang Honghui confiscated a penny. "Many of the villagers are with the handkerchief only a few layers of bill wrapped it carefully in a personal pocket, see this scene, not to receive your money." Yang Honghui said, some villagers are guilty, and cook a Poached Egg thanks, then no way, just to avoid meal service. "Farmers living in scattered, to the farthest walk 10 kilometers to get to the mountain, a return to big, I prepared two bags of instant noodles in the kit, hungry for dinner anywhere." Yang Honghui led the Dongjiahe power HUANGLONGSI electrician class maintains 4 village 1160 of the electricity line maintenance tasks, only 10 thousand volts is 28 km long. The area of 70 square kilometers, most of the traffic inconvenience for high mountains and lofty hills. Work difficulty can be imagined. Especially in winter, in the snow and ice weather, repair unusually difficult. 2004 Spring Festival approaching, the weather in Huanglong Temple suffered years of snow and ice, ice up to 5 cm, inverted pole disconnection occurs at. Ice sealed into the mountain road, the power supply is difficult to support. Repair of the mountains can only rely on Yang Honghui and two other colleagues lying ice climbing snow. In order to let folks spend the new year with electricity, they consciously repair, when the new year’s Eve firecrackers one after another, before the repair is completed. At the same time, in order to electric tea frying machine make the area farmers well, Yang Honghui and colleagues on duty 24 hours depth tea real, excluded by electric barrier at any time, and he can not attend because of their own tea and asked people to take care of. Yang Honghui said: "the tea dependence on electricity is very strong, if the power, will damage the tea farmers, the annual income basically depends on this season, if the reason due to power loss, this responsibility is big!" It is also the responsibility of electrical driven occupation, Yang Honghui is always on time for the evening, with money, the villagers, in a timely manner相关的主题文章:

Radar abnormal flight ganqiang reported later, a Sohu – be unbearable to contemplate Military

Radar abnormal flight ganqiang later reported a first page – Sohu be unbearable to contemplate Military Channel: radar abnormal air grab newspaper [Abstract] Air Force Radar Brigade radar operator Liu Weixiu on duty on the radar screen, some space discovered a echo highlight, which is the abnormal air situation, he quickly grabbed the first report point. Another on screen an echo highlight still could not escape the eyes of Liu Weixiu, he quickly determine the target for the abnormal air situation, and immediately reported. After the briefing, if found in a timely manner, then a few minutes later, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. Liu Weixiu joined the army for 13 years, have 6 kinds of radar operation and maintenance skills, to participate in the preparation of textbooks, is the "top ten brigade Aijun Jingwu pacesetter"; and was awarded a third-prize outstanding army sergeant Talent Award, was named "national border and coastal defense work advanced individual", "Army learning good person"; because of the timely found from the disposal of more than abnormal air situation, awarded a first, two class, three class of all 1…… The picture shows Liu Weixiu in serious trouble shooting radar. North of a training base for the auditorium, more than 500 officers at all levels of neatly seated. As the soldiers training classroom only teach people, Liu Weixiu firmly to the podium, a turn, agile standard salute. Large screen display: Liu Weixiu, the central theater Air Radar Brigade radar operator, for disposal to discover many abnormal air situation, awarded a first, two class, three class of all 1…… The sergeant had finished, the applause. From the head of the Department, the Division brigade battalion officers, have voted to praise eyes: This is the study of war can win the war, soldiers! Let a sergeant to the officers of teaching, this is the first time. But in the eyes of Liu Weixiu, this class is not unfamiliar, from the military organs to battalion scheduling, he heard the report has reached tens of thousands of people, but every appearance always set off different waves, sometimes even with a strong smell of smoke. One day in 12013, Liu Weixiu on duty. Radar screen, hundreds of sesame seeds big bright spots dazzling. His eyes wide, transport means flying eagle, like the target – "capture pounced on the hare". The passage of time hidden in the quiet silence, murder. Suddenly, a space a echo highlight, came into his sight. "This echo is not normal!" Liu Weixiu sat up straight. Time to go, the radar in the turn, Liu Weixiu’s mind flashed contrast, speed and judgment of a series of sparks. Baseline Saowan second laps, Liu Weixiu came to the conclusion: This is the abnormal situation. Urgent, Liu Weixiu quickly grab the first point. Extended reading: Radar: the sky did not miss a sea bird did not miss a straw PLA by mysterious weapon artillery radar accuracy increased significantly (Figure) page second: superior said later a talk about the army for thirteen years be unbearable to contemplate the feelings, Liu Weixiu smiled and told reporters: "just when the Army Air force, that is when the pilot, did not expect to be assigned to the radar troops, was also a little disappointed." But this "disappointment" did not affect Liu Weixiu, through thirteen years of hard work and effort, he has been recognized as a soldier in the army". The picture is Liu Weixiu. A bit of discovery, all.相关的主题文章:

Sichuan building common cracks often heard click – in the Sohu

Sichuan building common cracks often heard "click" – in the Sohu news Neijiang Shanghua city 6 residents of most households are wall cracks, cracks are built for protection on the level of uplift wall tile more than and 10 days ago, Neijiang city Shang Huaming city district residents of building 6 floor tenants the window glass door broken piece, but only a small amount of slag off, caused no injuries. But the residents and other residents of residential buildings suspect, which is related to the prevalence of cracks in the residential building wall. According to tenants, the building has been admitted to the building for 7 years, since the discovery of wall cracks in 2012, the majority of households have cracks in the wall. Yesterday, the Neijiang municipal housing and Urban Construction Bureau relevant responsible person told the reporter, the appraisal agencies, the ground floor wall cracks in residents Department of long-term water immersion state, resulting in the foundation uneven settlement caused by the problem of security of the main structure of the house has been built into effect. According to the conclusion of the appraisal organization, the foundation and the main structure of the residential building should be repaired and strengthened as soon as possible. Currently, the housing sector has set up a working group to deal with the matter. The news window glass broken suspected wall deformation caused by extrusion in August 10th 15, Shanghua City No. 6 residential building 3 unit 6 floor balcony windows Ma glass door suddenly broken, but dropped the glass broken slag less, not to hurt people. The evening of August 23rd, Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters came to mr.. Mr. Ma for 6, 7 floor, 6 floor and 7 storey apartment layout, floor balcony windows are installed is 1.2 cm thick tempered glass. The reporter saw, reinstall the 6 floor windows have not broken the glass door. Mr. Ma said, 1 months ago, he found the 6 floor balcony window glass door cannot be opened normally, then found the 7 floor of the glass door can not be opened. He suspected that the cracks in the wall leading to deformation of the wall, resulting in uneven stress of the glass was crushed and broken. Daily economic news reporter noted that Mr. Ma’s two storey house living room, bedroom, bathroom and other positions of the wall and even the beams have different degrees of cracks, which are through the cracks in the wall. Reporter survey the whole building 1 floor tile cracks generally appear uplift of 6 residents of the residents reflect the whole building common wall cracks. The building was submitted in 2009, the building was built on a slope, a total of 7 units of 4 units of 48, currently in the family of 45. Reporters in the 3 units of the 7 households found in the home, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. have varying degrees of cracks, cracks at a width of about 2 mm. There is a crack through the entire wall, some of the same position on the back wall cracks. Unit 3 staircase 1 floor and 1 floor of a household bathroom tile also uplift. According to the residents said that the residents of the building since 2012 have been found in the wall cracks, the initial cracks less and more thin, that is the problem of decoration. Last year, many households have found cracks in the wall and mostly for the cracks, only to reflect the relevant departments. Neijiang Housing Construction Bureau, responsible person, in November last year received a household counter相关的主题文章: