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China’s 70 cities in January new house prices rose by 2.5%, the first tier cities rose more than

China January 70 city new home prices rose 2.5%, first-tier cities rose over 20% Huitong news network February 26th – according to the National Bureau of statistics Chinese Friday (February 26th) released data, January 70 large and medium-sized city of new residential sales price rose 2.5%, rose for the fourth consecutive month and rose to expand. China market opened in 2016 continues the overall rising trend, the latest data show that in January 70 city price index rose year on year and the chain are rising and expanding, which first-tier cities prices surging, over 20% year on year. From the chain, January new residential sales price rose 0.4% last month, rising for ninth consecutive months, rose from the previous month to expand. Statistics Bureau data show that, in key cities, Beijing and Shanghai in January new residential sales price index rose by 10.3% and 17.5% respectively. The data of new residential sales price according to the Census Bureau estimates the average income, bureau of statistics February 2011 is no longer calculated and published in China’s 70 large and medium-sized city housing prices rose. The National Bureau of statistics Senior Statistician Liu Jianwei explained that inter city price differentiation phenomenon still continues, prices rose significantly concentrated in first-tier cities and some second tier city. Year-on-year change, January rose city number continues to increase and the gains continue to expand, 25 new commercial housing prices rose in the city, 4 more than last month, 25 city rose and rose are expanded last month. Liu Jianwei pointed out that the rise of first tier cities is particularly evident. Whether it is new or second-hand commercial residential housing, first-tier cities rose an average of over 20%, far higher than an average increase of about 1%, second tier city at the same time, the vast majority of the three line of the city are still falling year on year. The chain point of view, the real estate market 1 is maintained before the heat. Reuters estimates, January new residential sales price rose 0.4% last month, rising for ninth consecutive months, rose from the previous month to expand. First-tier cities home prices rose also eye-catching performance, data show that in January Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen 4 first-tier cities new commercial housing and second-hand housing prices rose last month to significantly expand the average increase than last month to expand 0.5 and 1.2 percentage points. Divided city, Shenzhen and Shanghai at the beginning of the rally index of new commodity housing prices the most fierce year-on-year increase 52.7% and 21.4%, in 70 large and medium-sized city in the absolute leading chain also rose 4.1% and 2.6%. In the local property market intensified heating up, the new land and housing supply structure optimization of the introduction of Shanghai City, clear requirements to further increase the commodity housing land and housing supply ratio of not less than 70%, the city center, suburbs of not less than 60%. The latest survey shows that by easing continue to drive and support the hot city, 2016 Chinese residential market price is expected continuation of last year a modest rise in momentum, is expected to rise 4%, at the same time with the stock to advance gradually, the real estate investment growth this year is expected to stabilize. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

中国1月70城市新房售价同比升2.5%,一线城市涨幅超20%   汇通网2月26日讯——根据中国国家统计局周五(2月26日)公布数据测算,1月70个大中城市新建住宅销售价格同比升2.5%,连续第四个月上升且涨幅扩大。   中国楼市在2016年开年延续整体上涨之势,最新数据显示,1月70城房价指数同比及环比皆上升且涨幅扩大,其中一线城市涨势汹涌,同比超20%。   从环比看,1月新建住宅销售价格较上月上涨0.4%,连续第九个月上涨,涨幅较前月扩大。      统计局数据显示,重点城市中,北京与上海1月新建住宅销售价格指数同比分别上涨10.3%和17.5%。   该数据根据统计局数据测算所得新建住宅销售价格,统计局2011年2月起不再计算和发布全国70个大中城市房价涨幅的平均数。   国家统计局高级统计师刘建伟解读称,城市间房价分化现象依然延续,房价明显上涨主要集中在一线城市和个别二线城市。   就同比变动来看,1月同比上涨城市个数继续增加且涨幅继续扩大,新建商品住宅价格同比上涨的城市有25个,比上月增加4个,且上涨的25个城市涨幅均比上月有所扩大。   刘建伟指出,一线城市上涨尤其明显。无论是新建商品住宅还是二手住宅,一线城市同比平均涨幅都高于20%,远高于二线城市1%左右的同比平均涨幅,与此同时,绝大多数三线城市同比仍在下降。   环比来看,1月房地产市场也保持了之前的热度。路透测算,1月新建住宅销售价格较上月上涨0.4%,连续第九个月上涨,涨幅较前月扩大。   一线城市房价环比涨幅亦表现抢眼,数据显示,1月份北京、上海、广州、深圳4个一线城市新建商品住宅和二手住宅价格环比涨幅均比上月明显扩大,平均涨幅分别比上月扩大0.5和1.2个百分点。   分城市看,年初涨势最猛的深圳和上海新建商品住宅价格指数同比分别大增52.7%和21.4%,在70个大中城市中绝对领先,环比亦上涨4.1%和2.6%。   在本地楼市加剧升温之际,上海市出台新政优化土地和住房供应结构,明确要求进一步加大商品住房用地中小套住房供应比例,中心城区不低于70%,郊区不低于60%。   最新调查显示,受宽松政策继续支持及热点城市带动,2016年中国住宅市场均价预计延续上年温和上涨势头,预计上升4%,同时随着去库存逐步推进,今年房地产投资增速有望止跌企稳。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Morning paper Chelsea has been finalized, Conti coach nets, cut off billion yuan sir-viper12a

Post: Chelsea has finalized coach Conti cut the nets billion yuan Mr. Fan and let the gun slip kneeling Adebayo Don off for justice today birthday: Arsenal fans love to hate Togo Feng BA Adebayor (32 years old) in Seville, played for Juventus, Feng Ba Lun special giants Bilbao slightly (31 years old) in history today, Deng Xiaoping became the first man to win the world bridged gold medal of honor in February 26, 1989, honorary president of China Bridge Association Deng Xiaoping became the first World Bridge Federation won the gold medal of honor of the people.   Chelsea coach Conti has been finalized within 10 days will be officially announced to sign 3 year details > > "Sky Sports" revealed that Chelsea and Conti executives have had a good meeting, the two sides have reached a consensus in many directions, including salary, contract etc.. Not surprisingly, when some small details finalized after Conti will be in the next 10 days and Chelsea formally signed a contract, the contract period will be 3 years. This news has also been confirmed that the Italy transfer expert Dimazi O said: "Conti has been very close to signing for Chelsea, his ability to get the blues top recognition."   kneeling! The 80 million United Lich King injured fear missed Arsenal for > > 116 UEFA Cup knockout round, Manchester United at Old Trafford in the face of a home court. The first leg of Manchester United lost 1-2, who has not lost. But before the Reds again hit 80 million, the Lich King Marshall injured in the warm-up and had to miss the game, which makes the injury ravaged Manchester one disaster after another. Fortunately, with the outstanding performance of Pres and Rush Forde, Manchester United win promotion, but Marshall’s injury has not yet determined how.   Arsenal unbeaten champions retired 42 year old Pires appearing for the final details of > >; Arsenal Premiership team members, former French international Robert Pires officially announced his retirement. Local time on Thursday, the French international Pires guest at the beIN sports program, officially announced the decision to retire myself. In the program, Pillay said: "I am 42 years old, must go to the time for young people to vacate the position on the pitch, I finally dedicated to the memory of India."   > > like the UEFA Cup; UEFA Cup debut 2 years old -18 demon ball angry pres Manchester United 5-1 details > > comeback;; Liverpool beat Valencia to qualify for the Europa League score 10-0 pass details > > Naples 1-1 out the Champions League home court score 1-4 details > Tottenham; > European Union – Cathy Oolong double Dortmund Oporto 4-1 pharmaceutical promotion promotion details > >   J Ma Hengda: want to score a lot of goals to help the world’s best teammate > > in details;; accept the "Aspen" interview, Martinez said: "Oporto is playing a style, Atletico is another; 早报:切尔西已敲定孔蒂执教 篮网裁掉亿元先生 这次滑跪让枪迷与阿德巴约恩断义绝 今日寿星: 阿森纳球迷又爱又恨的多哥锋霸 阿德巴约(32岁) 现塞维利亚锋霸、曾效力尤文、毕巴等劲旅 略伦特(31岁) 历史上的今天: 邓小平成首位获得世界桥联荣誉金奖的人 1989年2月26日,中国桥牌协会荣誉主席邓小平成为第一位获得世界桥牌联合会荣誉金奖的人。   切尔西已敲定孔蒂执教 10天内正式宣布将签3年 详情>> 《天空体育》透露,切尔西高层已经与孔蒂有过一次愉快的会谈,双方在许多大方向上已经达成了一致,包括主要的薪水、合同期限等。不出意外 的话,等到一些小的细节敲定之后,孔蒂将在未来的10天内正式与切尔西签下合同,合同期将为3年。这一消息,也得到了意大利转会专家迪马济奥的确认,他表示:“孔蒂已经非常接近签约切尔西了,他的能力得到了蓝军高层的认可。”   跪了!曼联8000万妖王意外受伤 恐无缘战阿森纳 详情>> 欧联杯1 16淘汰赛次回合,曼联坐镇老特拉福德主场面对中日德兰。由于曼联首回合1-2告负,此役已经不容有失。但赛前红魔再次遭到了重创,8000万妖王马夏尔在热身时意外受伤,不得不缺席本场比赛,这让本就伤兵满营的曼联雪上加霜。好在凭借德佩和拉什福德的出色表现,曼联大胜晋级,但马夏尔的伤情如 何还没有确定。   阿森纳不败冠军队成员退役 42岁皮雷正式挂靴 详情>> 阿森纳英超冠军队成员、前法国国脚罗伯特-皮雷正式宣布退役。 当地时间周四,前法国国脚皮雷在做客beIN体育台的节目中,正式宣布了自己退役的这个决定。在节目中,皮雷表示:“我今年已经42岁了,必须到了为年轻人腾出位置的时候了,我在绿茵场上的最终记忆献给了印度。”   欧联杯战报>> 欧联杯-18岁小妖首秀2球 德佩发威曼联5-1翻盘 详情>> 欧联杯-利物浦小胜晋级 瓦伦西亚总分10-0过关 详情>> 欧联-那不勒斯主场1-1出局 紫百合总分1-4热刺 详情>> 欧联-卡西乌龙多特双杀波尔图晋级 药厂4-1晋级 详情>>   J马:想为恒大进很多球 世界最佳也要队友帮助 详情>> 在接受《阿斯报》采访时,马丁内斯说:“波尔图踢的是一种风格,马竞是另一种,那种风格更偏防守,我希望打进很多进球,帮助球队,但是世界上最好的球员也需要帮助。(恒大的)球员们非常注意斯科拉里的指示,他们有很好的个人技术。”   密友曝特谢拉仍心向利物浦:去中超对他更好 详情>> 巴西前锋特谢拉以5000万欧元的转会费从顿涅茨克矿工加盟江苏苏宁,而据特谢拉的密友透露,特谢拉仍然希望征战英超,而利物浦是他最想加盟的球队。   恒大发超级杯赛前海报:标王之战 一触即发 详情>> 广州恒大发布了本周末对阵江苏苏宁的超级杯赛前海报。海报以杰克逊马丁内斯和特谢拉为主角,并配以王炸二字。   众所周知,特谢拉和杰克逊马丁内斯是本次冬季转会窗最贵的两名外援。广州恒大杰克逊马丁内斯的转会费为4200万欧,而苏宁为了得到特谢拉更是付出了5000万欧的转会费。如此高的身价,外界对这二人也是充满了期待。   祝贺!家嫂四度当选欧洲年度最佳 仅次诺天王 详情>> NBA官方推特发出消息,芝加哥公牛队的全明星中锋保罗-加索尔成功当选2015年度欧洲最佳篮球运动员。此次当选欧洲年度最佳篮球运动员是加索尔职业生涯第四次获得此荣誉,而在NBA现役的球员里,大家熟悉的小牛队的诺维茨基(6次)和马刺队的帕克(1次)也都曾获此殊荣。   曝绿军曾有意安东尼 但遭甜瓜使用交易否决权 详情>> 据ESPN报道,今年NBA交易截止日前,凯尔特人有意通过交易得到卡梅罗-安东尼,但是遭到了安东尼本人的拒绝。 目前并不清楚凯尔特人与尼克斯之间是否就安东尼的交易展开过正式的讨论,或者说双方的讨论是否达到了实质性的阶段。但是凯尔特人被告知安东尼无意离开尼克斯。   定了!篮网正式裁掉亿元先生 多队已准备追逐 详情>> 据ESPN报道,布鲁克林篮网队已经正式裁掉了老将乔-约翰逊。一些季后赛球队(老鹰、凯尔特人、骑士、火箭、热火、雷霆和猛龙)已经准备追乔约。本赛季,乔-约翰逊的薪水高达2489万美元,在联盟里仅次于科比。   科比坦承与父母关系未改善 或缺席其告别之战 详情>> 据CBS体育报道,湖人队当家球星科比即将在本赛季结束后退役。近日接受采访时,他不认为他的父母会来现场看他的最后一场比赛。 2013年,科比与他的父母陷入了一起法律纠纷案件,原因是科比的父母试图拍卖科比的纪念品,比如:科比高中时代的球衣。当得知此事后,科比将他的母亲告上法庭。   反击?奥多姆抨击哈登:你只把科勒当成跳板 详情>> 据《好莱坞生活》报道,前NBA球星拉玛尔-奥多姆不仅不惊讶科勒-卡戴珊与詹姆斯-哈登分手,他还声称哈登只是把科勒-卡戴珊当成一块跳板。   马布里:想从北京队助教做起 介绍美国球员来华 详情>> 马布里接受了北京体育广播的采访,在采访中他不仅和现场观众互动,也回到了许多关于北京队下个赛季的展望。这个夏天老马说他的当务之急就是让大树变得更出色。谈到自己的未来,马布里表示如果要做教练的话一定会先从北京队助理教练做起。   马布里看好辽宁将首夺总冠军:第1个总是最难的 详情>> 马布里接受了北京体育广播的采访。在问及接下来的半决赛以及总决赛时,马布里大胆预测:联赛将迎来第五个总冠军球队,而他认为辽宁将成为最后的总冠军。 马布里表示自己接下来将会去观看总决赛,“我会看总决赛。总决赛我会去看的,到时候的所有人都会拼尽全力的。”   迪拜赛小德退赛遭赛季首败 瓦林卡进四强战冤家 详情>> 总奖金为2,249,215美元的ATP500赛迪拜公开赛展开1 4决赛的争夺。头号种子、四届赛会冠军德约科维奇在首盘3-6输给菲-洛佩兹后,突然 宣布因眼睛感染退赛,遭遇赛季首败。2号种子瓦林卡状态渐入佳境,在首盘经受住考验后以7-5 6-1击败科赫尔斯奇雷伯,首次闯入四强。  相关的主题文章:

Rice culture festival in Jiangsu, Sihong, held in October display rice food culture – People’-wh60a

Jiangsu Sihong rice culture festival held in October   show rice culture — Jiangsu windows — (commissioning editor: Zhang Yan, Zhang Xin) 江苏泗洪稻米文化节10月举行 展示米食文化–人民网江苏视窗–人民网 (责编:张妍、张鑫)相关的主题文章:

South Korea wants to deploy missile interception system, saying it does not affect China’s security-stand by me shinee

South Korea wants to deploy a missile interception system, saying it does not affect China’s security: the Korean government wants to deploy "Sade" and says it does not affect China’s security. The negotiations between the ROK and the U.S. have been continuing for some time, and have been opposed by the Korean people. In April 10, 2015, the Korean people demonstrated in front of the Ministry of defense and opposed the deployment of the German system on the Korean peninsula. Data photo, according to Xinhua news agency, North Korea announced the successful launch of the satellite 7, the Korea US Alliance announced that the two countries agreed to "early" in South Korea deployed "Sade" (terminal high-altitude air defense system) consultations, in response to the North Korean missile threat. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said later in the day that China was deeply concerned about this issue and urged the countries concerned to deal with the issue carefully. South Korean Defense Ministry officials stressed that even if South Korea deployed "Sade", it is only aimed at North Korea, basically will not affect China’s national security. South Korea’s defense tube defense policy vice minister Liu Jisheng 7 days later at a news briefing that the growing threat of North Korea, the Korea US alliance as one of the measures to strengthen the missile defense posture, the United States and South Korea decided on the deployment of U.S. troops "Sade" to "formal consultations". The new commander of the U.S. Army Eighth Army Thomas · Vandall at a joint press conference and said, this decision is based on the USFK commander Curtis · Oscar parroty’s proposal, "it is time to push the issue". The Eighth Army is the command unit of the U. S. Army forces in korea. Vandall said: "we see that South Korea has more and more support on the issue of" Sade "recently." In a joint statement, the ROK and the United States said that the latest "long-range ballistic missile test" and the nuclear test carried out by the DPRK highlighted that the weapons of mass destruction in Korea posed a serious threat to the peace and security of South Korea and the entire Asia Pacific region. The statement said that the goal of formal consultations was to deploy and run SA in South Korea as early as possible". South Korea said: "Sade" will only report to the Korean Yonhap news agency, a senior official of the Ministry of national defense who refused to be named said at the briefing, even if South Korea introduced "Sade", it also has nothing to do with China’s national security. As China and Russia are concerned about the possibility of the deployment of "Sade" in Korea, the official said that the U. S. military operated by SA would not protect the United states. South Korean diplomats have disclosed to the Yonhap news agency that South Korea has informed China and Russia about the Korean American alliance before publicly announcing the agreement between the ROK and the United States to discuss the deployment of the German government in South korea. Liu Jisheng said in the introduction of the Korea US joint statement that if the South Korea deployed the "Sade" system, it will only focus on North Korea, and it will enhance the existing missile defense capability of the Korean American alliance against potential North Korean missiles. South Korea’s "Central Daily" reported on January 30th, South Korea and the United States are studying the deployment of shrinking version of "Sade", that is, the use of terminal intercept radar (TBR), the detection distance is only 600 to 800 km, and "Sade" originally 8

韩国欲部署导弹拦截系统称不影响中国安全   原标题:韩国欲部署“萨德” 称不影响中国安全   韩美部署萨德系统的磋商已经持续一段时间,一直遭到韩国民众的反对。图为2015年4月10日,韩国民众在国防部前示威,反对美国在朝鲜半岛部署“萨德”系统。资料图片   据新华社电 朝鲜7日宣布成功发射卫星后,韩美同盟宣布,两国同意就“尽早”在韩国部署“萨德”(末段高空区域防御系统)展开协商,以应对朝鲜导弹威胁。中国外交部发言人华春莹当天晚些时候表示,中方对此深表关切,敦促有关国家慎重处理这一问题。韩国国防部高级官员强调,即便韩国部署“萨德”,也只是针对朝鲜,基本不会影响中国的国家安全。   韩国国防部分管国防政策的副部长柳济昇7日晚些时候在一场新闻吹风会上说,针对日益加剧的朝鲜威胁,作为强化韩美同盟导弹防御态势的措施之一,美国和韩国决定就驻韩美军部署“萨德”的可能性开始“正式协商”。   美国陆军第八集团军新任司令托马斯·范达尔在这场联合吹风会上说,这一决定是根据驻韩美军司令柯蒂斯·斯卡帕罗蒂的建议作出的,“是时候推动这一议题了”。   第八集团军是驻韩美军陆军部队的指挥单位。   范达尔说:“我们看到,韩国国内最近在‘萨德’议题上支持的声音越来越多。”   韩美双方在一份联合声明中说,朝鲜最新进行的“远程弹道导弹试射”和核试验凸显朝鲜大规模杀伤性武器对韩国以及整个亚太地区和平与安全构成严重威胁。   声明说,正式协商的目标是“在尽可能早的日期”在韩国部署和运行“萨德”。    表态   韩方:“萨德”只会针对朝鲜   韩联社报道,一名不愿公开姓名的国防部高级官员在吹风会上说,即便韩国引入“萨德”,也基本与中国的国家安全没有关系。   就中国、俄罗斯对韩国可能部署“萨德”的关切,这名官员称,届时将由驻韩美军操作的“萨德”不是为了保护美国本土。   韩国外交官员向韩联社披露,在公开宣布韩美商定着手讨论在韩部署“萨德”事宜之前,韩方已经向中国和俄罗斯通报了韩美同盟这一决定。   柳济昇在介绍韩美联合声明时说,如果韩国部署“萨德”系统,也只会针对朝鲜,将增强韩美联盟现有的针对潜在朝鲜导弹威胁的导弹防御能力。   韩国《中央日报》1月30日报道,韩美两国正在研究部署缩水版“萨德”,即使用末段拦截雷达(TBR),探测距离只有600至800公里,而“萨德”原本使用探测距离为2000公里的AN TPY-2型X波段有源相控阵火控雷达。   中国外交部发言人华春莹7日说,中方在反导问题上的立场是一贯的、明确的,一国在谋求自身安全时,不能损害别国安全利益。有关国家如采取推进地区反导部署的举动,将刺激半岛局势进一步紧张升级,不利于维护地区和平稳定,也不利于各方妥善应对当前局势。“我们敦促有关国家慎重处理这一问题。”   据新华社    释疑   部署“萨德”花多少钱?   “萨德”系统可以在高空拦截大气层内或大气层外的来袭导弹,更重要的是,其X波段雷达能够迅速远距离探测到刚发射升空的弹道导弹,如果部署在韩国,可以成为美国东亚反导体系的重要一环。   据韩国国防部官员介绍,一个“萨德”导弹发射营由指挥系统、火控雷达、6部8联装发射装置和48枚拦截弹组成;部署一个营,需要花费1.5万亿韩元(约合12亿美元)。   如果韩美最终商定部署“萨德”,韩国将提供所需的场地和基础设施,部署和维护“萨德”系统的费用将从驻韩美军防卫费中开支。   与驻日美军相似,驻韩美军开支的相当一部分由韩国承担。根据韩美商定的现阶段分担协定,韩国2014年向美国交“保护费”9200亿韩元(7.36亿美元),占驻韩美军费用的42%;2015年增加至9800亿韩元(7.84亿美元);预计到2017年,韩国将要支付超过1万亿韩元(8亿美元)防卫费。   尚不清楚韩美打算部署几个营的“萨德”系统。韩国国防部高级官员说,一个“萨德”导弹营的防御范围能够覆盖韩国国土二分之一至三分之二,可以抵御朝鲜短程和中程导弹威胁。   据新华社 责任编辑:乔雷华 SN098相关的主题文章:

International students must read America’s favorite 20 universities open party (video)-3edyy

Reading: 20 university students "love Party the United States of Princeton review" also recently released the latest list of the American University, compared to U.S.News university ranking, "Princeton review" list of students closer to the ideal high school, because he cares about the students real reading experience! This year’s "Princeton review" of the United States of 381 university students were investigated, according to the student’s true feelings that come with the following list, small to see the joy without limits the college. 20.Florida State University 19.University of Colorado Boulder Florida State University University of Colorado University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder campus is the main campus, located in the rocky mountain mountains, beautiful scenery and pleasant climate, natural and geographical advantages of good, the students can get together after skiing in the carnival, there is always a reason to let them Party. The students say "if you don’t love Party not to go to University of Colorado". 18.University of Florida of the University of Florida at University of Florida can always find a variety of Party, a student of the school is love to participate in a variety of Party, but at the same time, learning is also very hard, GPA University of Florida academic atmosphere and the enrollment of students is very high. 17.University of Vermont of Maine 15.College of University of Vermont 16.University University of Maine Charleston Charleston 14.Wake Forest University 13.University of, Wake Forest University Rhode Island 12.University of Delaware 11.University of University of Rhode Island University of Delaware University of California at Santa Barbara University of California at Santa Barbara California–Santa Barbara is one of the American public Ivy League, is located in the coastal town of Santa Barbara City, adjacent to the sea, both sides of the Pacific, with beautiful beaches, excellent geographical location can the Party? Beach Carnival has become one of the school’s entertainment, night Carnival can stop the pace of learning of students. 10.Colgate University 9.Tulane University 8.Syracuse University Colgate University Tulane University Syracuse University 7.University of Mississippi

留学生必读:美国最爱开Party的20所大学  《普林斯顿评论》近日也发布了最新的美国大学各项排行榜,相对于U.S.News的大学排行榜来说,《普林斯顿评论》的排行榜更接近于学生心目中的理想大学,因为他在意学生在校的真实读书体验!今年的《普林斯顿评论》对美国的381所大学的学生进行了调查,根据学生的真是感受得出了下列榜单,快跟小编去看看美国那些欢乐无极限的大学吧。  20.Florida State University佛罗里达州立大学  19.University of Colorado—Boulder   科罗拉多大学波德分校  科罗拉多大学波德分校是主校区,位于落基山山坳,风景秀丽、气候宜人,良好的自然和地理位置优势,学生们在滑雪之后可以聚在一起狂欢,总有一个理由能让他们一起Party。学生么说“如果不喜欢Party就不要去科罗拉多大学了”。  18.University of Florida   佛罗里达大学  在佛罗里达大学读书随时都能找到各种Party,该校的学生虽然很喜欢参加各种Party,但同时学习也都非常刻苦,佛罗里达大学的学术氛围和录取学生的平均绩点也是很高的。  17.University of Vermont   佛蒙特大学  16.University of Maine   缅因大学  15.College of Charleston   查尔斯顿学院  14.Wake Forest University   维克森林大学  13.University of Rhode Island   罗德岛大学  12.University of Delaware   特拉华大学  11.University of California–Santa Barbara   加州大学圣芭芭拉分校  加州大学圣芭芭拉分校是美国的公立常春藤盟校之一,位于海滨小城圣塔芭芭拉市,两面环海、紧邻太平洋,拥有风景优美的海滩,绝佳的地理位置怎能不Party?沙滩狂欢自然成为该校的娱乐项目之一,整晚的狂欢也阻挡不了学生学习的脚步。  10.Colgate University   科尔盖特大学  9.Tulane University   杜兰大学  8.Syracuse University   雪城大学  7.University of Mississippi   密西西比大学  密西西比大学位于美国的克林顿市,因为其消费低、犯罪率低成为美国最适合居住和学习的城市之一,城市丰富的自然资源也为学生提供了更加多彩的校外活动。密西西比大学有帅气有有实力的足球队,加入改下的兄弟会和姐妹会也是生活的一部分,他们几乎每天都开Party。  6.University of Iowa   爱荷华大学  5.Bucknell University   巴克内尔大学  4.Lehigh University   里海大学  里海大学的口号就是“努力学习,尽情嬉戏”,是美国爱国者联盟盟校,该联盟的共同特点就是规模小精英化,自然学校压力也小不了,但是不管什么都阻挡不了Party的进行!该校的一个大四学生说“我们一般上午11点出发,有时在外面露营过夜直到第二天凌晨才回来。”学生们说兄弟会的回趟使他们举行Party的主要地方。  3.University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   伊利诺伊大学香槟分校  2.West Virginia University   西弗吉尼亚大学  1.University of Wisconsin at Madison   威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校  威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校以其派对出名,尤其是万圣节和年终派对。一位匿名学生在调查中说,没有哪个学校比威斯康星大学麦迪逊分校更友好了。学校提供啤酒,学生分享自己的东西,一起唱歌等。每场橄榄球赛前都要痛饮一场。所以他成了当之无愧的NO.1。  通常情况下,我们总会把Party和不爱学习联系在一起,但是在看了上面的榜单后,小站君就不这么想了。在美国很多大学虽然学术氛围严谨、学习压力也比较大,但是学生也会选择各种各样不耽误学习的方式来放松,因此要想融入美国的学生生活,就先学会接受这些疯狂的Party吧。 美国留学,你是去读书还是去挨饿的相关的主题文章: