Carrying out independent innovation with an open mind 66814

In an open mind to implement independent innovation Author: Zuo Xiaodong, vice president of China Institute of information security in October 9, 2016, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau on the implementation of the strategy of network power thirty-sixth collective learning. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed in the auspices of learning, accelerate the independent innovation of network information technology, the goal of building a strong network of unremitting efforts. No independent innovation, how to talk about network power. This is the first time the general secretary of the proposition put forward a request. Prior to this, whether it is in the central network letter group plenary session, or in the work of the Forum Network letter, the Secretary General has repeatedly stressed the problem. It should be said that the importance of the importance of independent innovation, has formed a high degree of consensus. But what is the independent innovation? How to achieve independent innovation? General secretary pointed out in the Politburo collective learning, to correctly handle the relationship between openness and autonomy. This is the core of the network technology in the core of an urgent need to face up to the problem, its core is the implementation of independent innovation with an open mind. There are two kinds of views on the question of "what are the four", which is based on the issue of opening and autonomy. A view that we must close the door, start all over again, get rid of dependence on foreign technology, relying on independent innovation and development, otherwise the general run with the others behind, never catch up. Another view is that to open innovation, standing on the shoulders of giants to develop their own technology, or else can not catch up. These two views have some truth, but they are definitely some, no dialectical view. On the one hand, the core technology is weighing country, key technology should be based on independent innovation, self-reliance. Market can not change the core technology, the money can not buy the core technology, we must rely on their own research and development. On the other hand, we emphasize independent innovation, not close the door to engage in research and development, we must adhere to the open innovation, only to master Guozhao know the gap, not extremely arrogant. So, how to do the dialectical view of the problem? The key is to grasp the "four which". The general secretary of this gives a very clear explanation: figuring out what can be imported but must be safe and controllable, which is the introduction of absorption and innovation, which is to be developed in cooperation with others, which is must depend on own strength of independent innovation. Therefore, the cooperation should be bold cooperation, the strict security can not relax. But "Four what" is not on the classification, break through the path of any one of the core technology, this is not the same in foreign countries to cooperate or not so simple, because "four" refers to the core technology research of different sectors, rather than to the overall technology classification. General secretary of the important speech also revealed a recent hot words – the profound meaning of safe and controllable. Whether at home or abroad, a lot of people think that security is controllable localization, is to use their own things. Learning general secretary speech can be introduced, but must be safe and controllable is the background of the word. Its essential requirement is to use their own things to be clear, they should be able to decide, rather than others say. For example, what are the features of the products we use, and what data to send to the outside? Users do not know, it is not safe.相关的主题文章: