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Carola oil electric hybrid technology on National Hybrid "era – Beijing, Beijing, November 7, now in the Chinese car market, electric vehicles, new energy vehicles, such as car ambitious king, at the same time, the state for electric vehicles and new energy vehicles were awarded with the support of policy, promotion in order to promote the whole society environmental protection and energy saving vehicle. With the passage of time, the use of hybrid electric vehicle technology because of its huge energy saving and technical advantages, which has been highly concerned by consumers. A large number of hybrid models into the market, and in this, the most mature technology, the energy-saving effect and the highest to give consumers a convenient travel product is Carola dual engine. The hybrid technology mentioned, most people will immediately think of TOYOTA dual engine, yes, even in this field in the world, the most successful and most widely spread, is equipped with the TOYOTA hybrid system products. Since the first car is equipped with a hybrid system of the Prius market, nearly 20 years there have been more than 9 million people chose the TOYOTA hybrid, and these hybrid models compared with the level of petrol vehicles, a decrease of 67 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions for the global. Carola dual engine since October 2015 in China listed, with the corolla dual engine more and more cognition in Chinese, more and more consumers to make more environmentally friendly emissions of choice. The positioning with hybrid system with dual engine A-class corolla advanced and a higher level of product quality, popular in the market level, and then to open up a new "National Hybrid" era. The most advanced hybrid electric system equipped with the highest sales in the world the corolla, the Corolla is a dual engine development intention, because the hybrid system is also the first time in Chinese genchi genbutsu production of the core, so that the price positioning of the A-class car becomes possible, and the quality of the products, completely follow the standards of the Japanese mainland. Carola power dual engine consists of two parts, 1.8L Atkinson cycle engine output reached 83Kw, but its biggest characteristic is to have very high fuel efficiency and power output as the main terminal, and the organic coordination of the motor can let it remain in the best speed, so that the exhaust emission is greatly reduced. The motor output power is 53 kilowatts, its output characteristics of low RPM high torque for high torque output of vehicle can be guaranteed, so that the acceleration driving pleasure with middle speed of 20-50 km / h acceleration up to 3.1 seconds, as the acceleration section commonly used, this is an exciting speed. The total power output of the system reaches 100 kW, due to the presence of a combination of the output of the two different characteristics, the driving experience is close to the performance of the 2.4L naturally aspirated engine. In the light of standby motor, and stop when the engine does not work, thus no emissions; in low speed, and actively participate in the motor power output; at high speed to the engine output, give full play to the high speed and high output characteristics of gasoline engine. This is the basic principle of Carola dual engine dual power output in addition, in the actual driving process also provides pure electric.相关的主题文章: