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Strategic-Planning No backup storage limitations. Faster recovery. Fewer infrastructures to maintain. Better storage utilization. Those are some of the main business needs that drive businesses to reconsider their storage plans, but there are other drivers, too. Data Accessibility Todays businesses dont run entirely out of the office. Employees work from home and on the road. In the event of a disaster, the entire company might need to pick up and relocate. Your storage plan should allow your data to be available anytime you need it, wherever you need it, without complex and expensive remote-access schemes. Your data should be safe, secure, private, and protectedbut available in an instant from anywhere on the globe, if you need it. Think about it: Being able to access your data from anywhere can solve a major problem that smaller companies have with disaster recovery: The need to plan for a disaster that involves your entire office or data center. Offsite recovery facilities are often expensive, and youre down for hours or days while you restore your data to the facilitys servers. But if you could make your critical data available from anywhere, anytime, then anyplace could become your offsite recovery facility. Thats what cloud storage can offer. Downtime Really Does Cost Dont underestimate how much money youre losing while youre waiting for your data to be recovered. In business, time really is money, and when employees are waiting for data to be restored, youre not only wasting their timeand your moneyyoure also missing business opportunities, losing customers, and failing to succeed. Weve long accepted the fact that restoring data takes a long time because in the past that was simply the best we could do. But this isnt the past, and we dont have to automatically accept anything less than instantaneous access to our data. Cloud based storage can offer that instantaneous access. Be Strategic, Not Reactionary The time to prevent your storage and data protection plan from being a failure is before a disaster occurs. You cant come up with a better storage plan in the face of a crisis; you have to pull some time out of your busy schedule now, and be strategic about your companys storage needs and data protection capabilities. You need to understand your business needs and evaluate new technologieslike cloud storageand understand how they can help you craft a storage and data protection plan that really meets those business needs. For more details please visit ..bodhtree../disaster-recovery-business-continuity.php or mail at to [email protected] Bodhtree has niche strengths in building and managing a Business Oriented IT environment with rich experience in technology incubation, ERP Solutions, Process Re-engineering, Business intelligence, Data Management, SOA Consulting, CRM Consulting, Analytics, Data Warehousing, Share point Consulting, Product engineering and dedicated CoE for SaaS and Cloud Solutions , Bodhtree is headquartered in India with sales offices in the U.S. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: