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Buick Avenir sub brand released to the boutique, personalized direction of development – new network, September 30, today, Buick officially announced the launch of a brand new brand – Buick Avenir. Buick Avenir brand will be Buick’s high-end models to create special fusion based on Buick century design essence with today’s trends, meet consumer quality, personalized car demand and distinguished exclusive service experience. SAIC GM Buick market sales department minister package ye said, "the development of Buick brand more than a hundred years, reflects the evolution of the social mainstream elite in different era of automobile consumption demand. The launch of the Avenir sub brand in the global market, including China, is based on the decision made by the current user’s escalating consumer demand. This will inject new inspiration and vitality for the brand, strengthen the brand’s high-end image, showing the growing position and influence of Buick in the global market and the future development of the brand vision." Buick Avenir sub brand LOGO Avenir is the meaning of "future" in French, in 2015 released and won the international award of the Buick Avenir concept car is named. And this year launched the Avista Coupe Concept Car for the Avenir sub brand provides the design of the front grille inspiration, sketched out the future of Buick brand more young, sporty design direction. Avenir sub brand innovative interpretation of the Buick classic design elements, the appearance of sculpture aesthetic shape, from the classic Buick crest design stereo mesh grille, large size luxury hub, exclusive decorative details highlight the distinguished atmosphere. The car followed the brand has always been quiet and comfortable atmosphere of class library, through the seat details and unique modern aesthetic decorative materials and unique Avenir logo, to create high-end exclusive driving space. "In the design of the Avenir sub brand, we focus on the promotion of Buick brand internationalization and attractive potential," Buick’s global design chief executive Helen Emsley said, "like the Avenir concept car passed the Buick family vision, Avenir sub brand also shows Buick beyond the aesthetic idea of classic, as well as for the design of future products, the pursuit of." So around the world, like the Buick brand luxury feel consumers are growing, a new generation of lacrosse, keangkewei and other models are selling the best proof. This deepened people’s cognition and understanding for the hundred years of the Buick brand of inheritance and innovation, not only attracted many affluent middle class, the rapid rise of the female customers, 80 90 mainly young consumer group, was also a large number of competing products from the identity of the owner to the consumer’s favor. In the first half of 2016, Buick is the fastest growing automotive market, the international automotive brand, Avenir sub brand launch will pull more consumers to the exhibition hall, which is essential for future growth." "Avenir will be Buick’s label," said Duncan Aldred, general manager of Buick’s global sales, services and marketing.相关的主题文章: